More turtle activity

An English couple decided to have a disagreement around 03:00. They were in one of the tents near the north rampart. I couldn’t be bothered to listen to what they were saying as only the woman was audible but fortunately, they shut up so I could go back to sleep. Luis had already woken me up soon after I went to sleep so I showed him no mercy and he wore a collar for the remainder of the night.

Unlike UK, today is not a holiday as we had ours on 15th so we were up and out at the normal time. I preempted the alarm so was quickly out of bed and putting on my boots. At present, I’m still using my old DMs as they are holding out.

Only one car was in the car park and a couple of vehicles remained on the beach road after the weekend. The car people were sleeping in their vehicle so we didn’t disturb them hopefully. There were signs of Kostas but no physical presence. He may have left before we arrived.

It was dark, as we set off promptly, so I had to rely on the dogs ending up in the right places as I couldn’t see them, particularly on the beach. The moon is still with us and now overhead but it helps little on the beach. It was light enough on the way back from Plakaki.

A man with flippers and a float was sitting at the water’s edge contemplating his navel until Isabella rushed up to him. I’d anticipated events so zapped her before she made contact. The man leapt to his feet and jumped in the water which I suppose made him feel safe. Little did he know that Isabella loves the water! She got the message that he was to be left alone so she and Skinny walked on by. We did our final Circuit, saw some turtle hatchling prints in the sand and went back to the camping.

I rode round the daily route through Paleochora but I forgot to pick up some medication for one of the cats with ear mites. Otherwise I ended up at Alonáki for a quick swim and then back to the dogs for release and feeding.

The camping has fewer tents in the top half as many people have left. Tomorrow is the last day of August so it’s a little down on a normal year I feel. Michael’s wife leaves tomorrow and he is contracted to remain until 15 September. I have no idea when Maria plans to leave so will probably discover the morning she departs.

I had a small IT job for EG which took a little time but needed to download some files from an external disk left for me ages ago. I’d tried several times to read the disk but to no avail. Today, I dismantled to discover the disk had slipped down inside the caddy and become disconnected. It was still powered which was where the confusion lay. It whirred up and the lights flashed just that there was no data transfer. I need to sort it out as Juergen is back in Crete and I’ve had it for nearly a year! He’s going to expect some files from me!

I dug through all the other disks to discover the backed up copies of lots of material I’d forgotten about. Loads of old films I transferred to disk not having the space for the actual DVDs. A little treasure trove of material!

Otherwise, it’s been warm and sunny and is now cooler with a light breeze.

33.4ºC is pretty good for the end of August.


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