Last day

I looked into my treasure trove of material which I backed up before I left UK so as not to have to cart the DVDs around. There I came upon Cranford which I’ve not seen in a long while. At the other end of the spectrum I started watching the UK version of QAF first aired in 1999. Still very silly twenty years later and, in my opinion, better than the US version which I started to watch.

Luis barked soon after I went to bed so found himself wearing the collar again. I think I’ll just put it on him at bedtime tonight. Some of the closer neighbours have left however I suspect others have arrived judging by the sound of pegs hammered into the ground.

The night was cooler and even required resorting to a sheet in the early morning. I started off wearing a T-shirt on the walk but relinquished it as we walked up towards Plakaki. Someone rode down the track towards the car park and I assumed it was Kostas as he wasn’t there with his car. It turned out to be someone else so Skinny got to chase the bike anyway. I don’t mind them chasing Kostas just that they’re not too good at differentiating.

The main walk was followed by an additional one just for Isabella and Charlie as I needed some extra km to knock my August Challenge on the head. This month I have to walk a total of 219km which explains the walk to Paleochora and back to buy the kitchen tap. I knew that I wouldn’t manage to complete it as my daily walking is only around 6km. During the summer I don’t walk as far as in the winter as I’m not wandering the camping or tripping back and forth to the reception. I still have 300m of my challenge to complete… I suspect I’ll manage that before bedtime.

After the walks, I rode via Panorama to Paleochora with a diversion to the pharmacy to pick up some meds for Hop-along. He has the dreaded ear mites. Each time it heals up he scratches it open again. I have a treatment plan from Stavros requiring some topical product and then some cream for the wound. The two items were €20. There is enough of the topical to use half now and half in 20 days. He’s not a very big cat. Hopefully, this will do the trick.

I returned, after a quick swim at Alonáki, and surveyed the scene as I rolled gently down the camping. There is a lot of empty space in the upper part of the camping only a few rental tents and a couple of customer tents remain.

I fed the dogs after a shower and then got the DDs into the pot before making some more tea and sitting down. After walking 7.6km with the dogs, ridden 12.94km on my bike and swum a whole 78m, I might have fallen asleep.

The disk on my NAS drive is almost full so I had to find some more disk space to accommodate all my files. I have several disks which have copies of files which really need consolidating and reformatting. I’ve set myself a little task to rationalise all the disks. When I see some of the very old disks I brought with me it makes me laugh. Not many people would be very interested in a mechanical 20GB hard disk now. I remember paying a fortune for a computer with a 10MB (0.1GB) hard disk! Mechanical hard disks are quite slow compared to SSDs (Solid State Disks) but big SSDs are very expensive and unsuitable for some applications such as databases as the media wears after many reads and writes.

The DDs have been processed and the rice is depressurising. A message has just popped up on my computer telling me that Amalia Pontikakis just left a five-star review. Not that strange if you don’t know that Georgia Pontikakis owns the camping! Georgia accidentally gave herself a one-start review which she has hopefully removed.

The morning was almost still but now there is a gentle breeze. Otherwise, the day has been sunny and warm. The beginning of September looks like more of the same.


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