Pinch and a Punch

My first job was a visit to the washing machine as I was beginning to run out of T-shirts. I recycle them and only wear them if I’m out in the camping or going into Paleochora. During the day I have no need of anything at this time of year. I wanted to use the machine before Bona gets in as she has first priority. I thought at 05:15 I’d be pretty safe. She was there when I removed my laundry at 07:15 after our walk.

We were out in good time even though I’d put the washing on. It was dark but no one was about other than a rather surprised person lying on a sun bed next to an upturned boat near the shoreline. I navigated around him/her and the dogs didn’t seem to even notice him.

My plan was to get the washing in the machine and out again before Bona came in so I needed to be back close to 07:00 to ensure I’d be done before she was in. We were walking around the back of CBV where a woman was wandering over the the recycling bins. She said she’d stayed at the villas several times before and would like to live here however her husband is not up for it. She told me how ‘lucky’ I am to live here and I replied that you make your own luck: you have to make things happen the way you wish them to.

I put the dogs in the van, collected the laundry and hung it on the line which was filthy with all the dust over the summer. I tend to use the same bit of line each day for hanging up shorts and towels so handn’t realised how disgusting the rest of it was. It needs changing before the winter as water has got into it so it will break sooner or later.

I drank tea, Elevated my brain and set off for Paleochora for some shopping via Panorama. The aim was to get mostly fruit and veg of which there was a fresh selection outside the store. I needed olives and picked up some rice as I’m eating that instead of bread. I seem incapable of getting a decent starter going. On the way back I stopped at Alonáki for a quick swim. The sea was very calm so it was quite delightful.

Back at the camping I released the dogs and fed them after a quick shower then made some tea and sat down. A phone call from Michael informed me of the arrival of a package which I hoped would be my new Raspberry Pi SBC (Single Board Computer). Indeed it was and Michael was very surprised when I told him that such a small board could be a computer in itself. He seemed determined that it needed to be plugged into a bigger computer in order to function.

I’d ordered a power supply and a passive cooling case which was easy to install so it was merely a case of swapping over the memory card with the operating system on, connecting up the monitor, power and external WiFi and off it went.

I cleaned up the cupboard where it lives as it was full of clutter and thick with dust. It’s all now clean and tidy so I’ll be able to watch everything without any jerky video or the picture breaking up completely. I ordered the 8GB memory as they had no 4GB versions and the 2GB is a little small as the memory is on the board so cannot be expanded. Better to have the full compliment in case I need to repurpose it for a more memory-intensive application. The processor in the Pi4 is also faster than the Pi3 which is helpful for rendering video. All now set for those longer winter evenings.

As the vacuum was in the van, I cleaned the floor and nearly mopped it too but got distracted with making my bed and folding up all the various T-shirts and putting them away. I have three pairs of shorts which I wear alternate days. They get rinsed out with fresh water after I’ve been swimming then dried on the line to be worn the next day.

I even found the time to cut my hair which is now nice and short again. It’s surprising how much it had grown. I had another shower to get rid of all the bits so today I’m doubly clean!

Only Skinny and Obi are in the main compound. Isabella has been put in the SDC where Charlie had elected to go and Oskar, Fido and Luis are prisoners in the van. The cats have been fed and medicated which just leaves the dogs and me!

Monthly weather summary for August
Breezy at times but sunny and warm after a pleasant night
The administrative areas of Chania and Rethymno have been recategorised as amber leaving only Iraklion in the red as far as Crete is concerned. However, two more units have been reclassified as red in the Peloponnese.


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