I went back to Cranford where there was yet another death. Life seemed very precarious…

Both Fido and I needed a wee so it wasn’t a problem to let him out and he came back in promptly. And then it was time to get up and get out.

The mornings are getting darker. No question about it. We saw no one other than some guy is a very attractive-looking pickup who came into the beach car part as we were walking back to go to the camping. As would be expected, the dogs wandered obliviously in front of him but he just waited until he could drive around him.

At Plakaki, I found a sun lounger loafing near the rocks so I had a little rest to enjoy the sound of the waves in the background. The dogs joined me except for Skinny who wandered off on important business. On our way to the end of the Promontory, Isabella produced a surprised turtle hatchling which we introduced to the surf and eventually swam away. I didn’t want to tell it that it probably had a 1:10,000 chance of reaching adulthood as I felt it might be demoralised.

I drank tea and Elevated my brain then set off over Panorama for my daily cycling circuit. I’d contemplated going to the pass but left a little late so contented myself with Panorama. The ferry had left so I could see it chugging off eastwards to its first destination. I continued round and then back to Alonáki for a swim in the turbulent sea. I didn’t go out from the beach due to the waves but battled against them along the shoreline. It took me 15 minutes on the way out and half that to come back, with the sea.

The dogs were quiet, I let them out but didn’t bother with a shower for some very good reason. I fed them then sat down with a cup of tea.

Marie arrived to tell me she was delayed in Athens so arrived late at Chania however the guy meeting her insisted on bringing her to Azogires where she plans to stay for a couple of days. I introduced her to Skinny and Isabella who, as expected, introduced herself again and again and again. Not that she has too much energy and needs to be the centre of attention! We chatted a while. Marie’s plans are fluid as she says she’s going to make it up as she goes along. Steffi and Sascha arrive over the weekend she thinks. She plans to go to university in Frankfurt to train as a teacher of English and History. Frankfurt is a very long way from their home in Berlin.

I made some banana bread which is now resting in the oven until tomorrow morning. I sent a video to Radpower Bikes showing how the straps of the bags had disintegrated. The support technician still wishes me to consider one of the generous offers made by his colleague who was kind enough to say that the bags were still covered by warranty. I intend for them to make me a more generous offer as they have failed due to faulty materials.

Oskar, Isabella and Luis found themselves confined to the SDC for creating a dust storm whilst chasing a cat on the other side of the fence. They rushed in to the SDC so I simply closed the gate after them. Hop-along is still receiving his daily dollop of cream on his wound which seems to be healing up. The mites should have died so he should stop scratching his ear. Luis is cooling his heels in the van for being generally noisy whilst Skinny and Isabella are jerking about energetically. It’s supper time…

Sunny and warm with a little wind in the afternoon. The forecast is for wind for tomorrow and Saturday. The wind is now from the north so it feels cooler out of the sun


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