Windy again

I gave Cranford and Manchester a miss last night so ended up on Walton’s Mountain for a little trip back in time to the Great Depression. It was a good story and not too demanding viewing. I wasn’t late to bed.

The wind got up in the night and I was of two minds to take down the Sun Blocker but my bed got the better of me and I fell back to sleep once Fido came back after his wee. What is wrong with that dog?

It was windier when we left for our walk and my t-shirt went straight on and stayed that way. Once in the shelter of the Promontory things were calmer and I was able to gaze at the clear, starry sky above. The moon is with us but beginning to lose strength.

There wasn’t much excitement during our walk and I don’t recall meeting a soul. We were back by 07:20, I drank some tea then went out on my bike. I went to the top of the mountain as it was too windy and rough for swimming even though I contemplated the possibility later in the day.

I stopped at EKO to borrow a couple more envelopes from Manolis and we had a quick chat. I was keen to get on as I had DDs to prepare when I got back. I dropped the envelopes into the office and left Maria welded to the phone.

I released and fed the dogs cut up my banana bread and sat down with a cup of tea to get my breath back once the DDs were safely in the pot. There was a bit of a gap in time…

I had a couple of IT tasks from EG. One from Louise and a reply to Penny about the email accounts and so on. The reply required attention as it was quite detailed. Later, I processed the DDs and went to the office to pick up my new bike battery which had arrived from Poland. I can amuse myself working out how to attach it neatly and securely to the rear rack which conveniently has four tapped screw holes for fixing it. I will have to wait for the other parts to arrive as I’m going to need the cables and the new 35A controller.

There are more punters on the camping but not many with their own tents. I understand that all of the accommodation is booked as well as the large rental tent which was moved away from my northern boundary on request. The arrivals will stay until Sunday I should imagine as everyone is back in work mode now.

Walking up to the office I noticed how many German motorhomes are filling up the parking places lining the entrance road. Almost exclusively German I think.

Ursula took her iPad into the Apple Store to the Genius Bar to be told that it was dead. She got over that trauma by getting herself a MacBook Air with the new M1 processor. It must be very quick as she has a very good specification. The MacBook uses the Mac OS X operating system which is not the same as the iPad or iPhone which use the IOS or iPadOS. Lots of learning opportunities ahead!

I took down the Sun Blocker when I got up as it was too windy then. It has got progressively windier during the afternoon and is forecast to be windy most of the night and until midday tomorrow. From then it starts to moderate and should be completely still by the time the punters leave on Sunday evening.

Windy during the night and windier in the morning. More wind tonight and tomorrow morning.


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