Drone games

A group of Americans from the air base were camping in little tents nearby last night but I don’t think they got a lot of sleep. Their tents and bicycles have now left. Some imbecile has a motorbike which he loves to ride in the dead of night. The bike is adapted to make popping noises and minor explosions which the rider, for whatever reason, thinks are cool. The dogs bark which wakes me up!

The wind dropped in the evening and it was still on Sunday morning. Most of my drone stuff was still about so I stuffed it into my backpack and hid it on the Promontory to play with later. A vehicle was leaving the beach road as we came out from the field which struck me as odd. A couple of motorhomes have been present on the beach road for several days.

A very small crescent of moon was perched above the mountains as we crossed the rocks and headed back to Alonáki Beach and then to Plakaki. It seemed particularly dark as we scrunched our way along the beach. I could see Fido and Oskar and sometimes Obi but had to trust the others were with me. They arrived at the Plakaki rocks where we made a little diversion to allow the couple we caught in flagrante delicto on one of the sun beds in non-conjugal rites. The couple were still present when we walked back so we kept to the top of the beach next to the canteen for the sake of decorum.

I amused myself playing with my drone on one of the higher bits near to the rocks. The dogs didn’t wander off even though I was fiddling around for around forty minutes and there were plenty of fishermen to lure them away. At one point, I was trying out the ‘follow me’ function which locks onto the subject and dutifully follows as you wander about. The Promontory was quite busy with fishermen and even a very shiny pickup which drove onto the beach. Very naughty as that’s not allowed.

Strange Englishman with lots of dogs

It was nearly 08:00 when we got back so no time for tea just out on my bike for my daily workout which today included a stop at Alonáki for a swim. I sat in the sun on the beach for a few moments before riding back to let out the dogs and feed them.

Much of the remainder of the day was spent editing the videos and uploading them to my NAS drive. Considering the size of some of the files, they transfer quite well over the WiFi.

It’s at times like this that I miss having a laptop. The iPad is pretty good at most of what I need to do and makes a fine laptop replacement but there are situations when I really need to use a desktop operating system. The iPadOS versions of the apps do not have all of the features of the Mac versions. Handling files is also quite painful at times as it’s necessary to find alternative ways to get things done which is often frustrating.

The Windows tablets run the full version of Windows and the same apps as the desktop. That said, some of their high-end tablets are even more expensive than a MacBook Pro! After a little research, I see that I can mirror a Mac Mini from my iPad which might provide the best of both worlds. The Mac Mini is very powerful as well as small but uses the full Apple operating system as well as the desktop versions of the apps. There’s no need for a keyboard, monitor or mouse as the iPad can control the Mini via WiFi using Sidecar.

I struggle at times when I’m working with TeamViewer. The IOS app is very basic so only really useful during a short session with one remote computer. I’ve not been really busy with remote sessions lately but it could become a bind especially when updating servers. Using the Windows version of TeamViewer remotely on my old and slow Windows computer is also quite painful so could lead to frustration.

It has been a warm day but the wind is cooling so the fans are now turned off. Until recently, they’ve been running until they turn off automatically at 21:00. The fan in the van is still running continuously but I suspect it will stop if we get the predicted thunderstorms in a couple of days. I might even need to resort to a t-shirt in the mornings or even a light fleece!

A fine and sunny day without any appreciable wind!


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