I noticed I was back to being on my own when I went out to the loo near bedtime. I don’t think there is anyone in the block north of me. The wind got up during the night so it was quite gusty at getting up time. I’d had time to consider the weather as I woke up around 04:00 for some reason. Probably the wind!

The walk was windy but we’ve endured a lot worse. It was quite cloudy and with a northerly wind, cool enough to have me change from my T-shirt to a polo shirt which I was very glad of as it turned out.

There were no excitements other than a bloke with a young child on the beach at the end and another taking photos with his phone. There was a motorbike parked in the car park but we didn’t see who it belonged to. Probably someone fishing from the rocks.

I decided to make the DD’s when we got back as I had all the ingredaments to hand. The dogs seemed more interested in going to sleep. I went outside to Elevate my brain before getting on my bike for my daily cycling workout. Today, I went to the top of the mountain as I surmised it was not such a brilliant day for swimming as it was windy and the sea had lumps. It was difficult at the top where the wind funnels through but otherwise a fairly easy ride when the wind wasn’t against me. The ferry was on its way and there was not a dog to be seen at the PAWS doggy refuge so I went back to the camping.

I released and fed the dogs before making some tea. I didn’t bother with the any of the fans as there was already enough air. As I write, Luis, Fido, Oskar and Skinny are in the van on their own initiative. Isabella is sprawled on the decking in the late afternoon sun, Charlie in his house and Obi presumably under the decking somewhere.

I’m continuing with my file reorganisation project and have been trying to solve a little software problem with the NAS. I need to create a backup of the files on the NAS so will do that and then probably restore the NAS to its factory settings. I’ve mucked around with the settings and it’s not hard to reconfigure again with a fresh installation. Then everything should work as intended.

The nice people at Radpower bikes have decided that the disintegration of the webbing straps on my panniers is due to fair wear and tear. They claim that the effects of the rain, sun and wind have affected the materials. I suppose it’s pretty silly of me to ride my bike outside when it’s rainy, windy or sunny! What a load of tosh! I shall compose a suitable response when I have a mind to.

I had a chat with Sascha who arrived yesterday. He came in his car which I understand is electric. He passes the Tesla Brandenburg factory regularly so I asked if he’d purchased a Tesla Model Y Performance – a mere €64,000. Apparently not. He asked if he might charge his car with some of my ECO electricity which is fine so long as he doesn’t mind waiting a few hours. I can only supply about 10A continuous without giving my inverter a touch of the vapours. I’d like to see what changes he’s made at Spaniakos so may arrange to pop up early one morning on my bike. I’d also like to have a go in his car!

The Doggy Rice is cooked, Isabella has come to remind me of the fact and the natives in the van are getting restless.

A windy night followed by a windy day where the maximum temperature struggled to less than 30ºC!


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