Windy in the night with a couple of interruptions from Charlie. There was something lurking that kept bothering him. My closest neighbours were the French in M4 but I doubt they heard anything.

Our Morning Perambulation was much quieter than yesterday’s as there was no silly cat to chase. For the dogs at least! It seemed to be dark forever or at least until we walked The Promontory the second time. For some reason, Isabella was full of energy so her list of assorted playmates were suitably exhausted.

I spent the time before my bike ride drinking tea and writing my blog from yesterday. I’d not charged my bike battery so put that on for an hour to get a quick top-up as I planned to go up the mountain.

It was an easier ride to Paleochora and also up the mountain. Even at the top it wasn’t too demanding.

At the pass. Clouds over the distant mountains to the north. Apparently, it rained in the north yesterday

The same ship was stationed in the bay east of Paleochora.

I’m not sure where the ferry is today. Perhaps it’s out of shot or that tiny blob in the distance

I went past the PAWS puppy home where I found the lone female I’d not seen for days. Of course, this time, I didn’t have any biscuits with me. I walked down to the dog houses where there is a stock of food and water, took a handful of biscuits from one of the large containers and put it in one of the bowls. All of which were empty. Whoever was on feeding duty had yet to pass. I left her to it as I wanted to get to Petrakis for some almond milk for the banana bread as I’d forgotten to get some the previous day. I picked up some raisins and a bag of walnuts too. Seeing as I was there like…

Back at the camping all was quiet but sunny and not too breezy. The wind seemed to be blowing in my face whichever way I was riding this morning.

Having released and fed the dogs I made some tea. Shortly after, I received a message from Michael to inform me of a package waiting at reception. It contained some brake pads and a spare inner tube for my bike. It’s rarely a quick business visiting reception, more so today with Michael and Maria both there. I’d not been back long when Maria shouted over the fence with another package, this time from Banggood. It contained the two brass tap splitters I ordered a while ago. They look good quality so hopefully they will last a while. The climate is not kind to things in Crete.

I’d backed up my NAS so spent some time reconfiguring it and can report that it’s now working as expected. A reinstall seems to have done the trick. The longest part is backing up all the files to the external drive. I know a lot more about the ReadyNAS now.

The afternoon chugged by with a piece taken up with constructing some banana bread now currently baking in the oven. It’s quite quick to do if everything is to hand.

Michael told me earlier that he’d not seen Marika for a while and suspects he may have seen a similar cat dead in the road. She technically belongs to the neighbours across the road but I’m not sure what contribution they make to her wellbeing. She seemed to spend the majority of her time on the camping, her kittens were born here and still live here. It’s a shame if Michael is correct in his assumption.

I think the rice has plopped and there are a few expectant dogs and a couple of cats hanging around so maybe I should go and feed them.

Windy but warmer than yesterday with a high of 31.3ºC. The forecast rain/thunder has yet to materialise and any signs of a storm have petered out.


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