We’re back to T-shirt walking attire however I needed a polo shirt with something around my neck for my bike ride. We went out just a little later but it wasn’t very light until be were back at the entrance to the Promontory by around 06:35. All were present and correct for the second Promontory trip which took in The Big Beach. We saw no turtle activity so I suspect all the hatchlings have hatched and gone off into the sea to do their thing. There was a little wind especially on the higher and more exposed bits.

Back at the camping, I put together the DDs, drank some tea and Elevated my brain before riding off to the top of the mountain. They were busy at EKO so didn’t see me pass and there was a little flood in the road near the bus station. I stopped at the PAWS puppy location where there were three adult dogs. Two of which relocated as I scrambled down to the dog houses. The female remained by the houses in anticipation of some biscuits which fortunately I had with me. She is a tiny bit more trusting but managed to finish off the biscuits left over from the Early Walk. She even took the biscuits one at a time which was interesting. Once she’d finished, I left and rode back towards Grammeno. It was still quite windy and also chilly so the sea was not particularly attractive. A cat had met its end on the road near the Mégim Hotel. I’d seen it on the way out and decided I’d move it to the verge if it was still there when I came back. The corpse was creating a hazard to shipping as cars were avoiding it by moving out towards the centre of the road. The cat certainly would have died instantly so felt nothing.

Having sorted the dogs, I sat down with a cup of tea and a YouTube video or two. Sometime later, I woke up…

There were no particular demands upon me so I spent some time playing with my NAS drive trying to set it up so I can write from the Raspberry Pi to the NAS. I’ve always been able to read files ok but writing eluded me. I’ve now got to the bottom of it so am able to automatically connect to the shares at boot time and write to the directories. This is very handy for moving files between devices and being able to read and write is a real bonus.

In a moment of great excitement, I have attached the other tap splitter to my fan and shower setup so now I can have a shower without having to disconnect and swap the hoses over. Also a real bonus. Not that I will be doing that much outdoor showering as it’s windy and cooler at present.

Diane and her children, and possibly even her husband, will be coming to stay in M4-M5 tonight. She came with them earlier in the season and contacted me the other day about another stay. I passed her on to Maria as she’s the one in charge at the moment. Diane is the sister-in-law to Heike. The French trio are now in T2 not that I’ve seen them since their arrival.

I filled up Isabella’s food containers and have reached the end of her bag of food. I contacted Heike in The Local Pet Shop to ask if she shopped in SYNKA supermarket. The donation I received from Silvia and Ingo was in the form of vouchers which are accepted by SYNKA. I shop in Petrakis so was hoping Heike might take the vouchers for food and then use them in SYNKA to get her groceries. She has agreed to this so I plan to drop a block of vouchers into her so she can try them out. She will then hopefully supply me with food to the value of the two blocks.

The DDs have been process, some beetroot have been cooked so it’s just a matter of putting on the Doggy Rice.

This was the storm situation earlier today. It looked like they were heading this way but Ursula didn’t think so and she was correct. They ended up missing Crete or annoying everyone on the mainland.

The weather forecast talked about storms and rain for the general EU Eastern Europe area. It looked as though they might come here but went elsewhere eventually. There’s been a more active and persistent storm over Tunisia which is still going on. As the wind is now from the west, it could potentially come here but I suspect it will fade away during the journey. The storm season is soon upon us.

Once the sun came up and the wind died down, the day became warm and sunny with only a few cloudy periods. Just a little warmer than yesterday.

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