Out and about

Not a breath of wind and much warmer as I emerged onto the decking this morning.

The Early walk was pleasant and undemanding so I spent much of the time in a world of my own. I recall walking with all the dogs on leads and the stress it involved.

I put the dogs inside then Elevated my brain and drank tea prior to my morning bike ride over Panorama through Paleochora with a stop at Petrakis for some fruit and vegetables. I stopped for a swim on the way back to the camping.

The day was mostly taken up on the other side of the fence with the lot from Paleochora, a trip to the office, eating in the restaurant with Georgia who has returned to the camping after a few days at home to recuperate. I was also with the French who are staying in T2.

I discovered that Diane’s friend is a masseurs and therapist which might come in handy if I have any problems requiring a little muscle manipulation. She seems to cover a good range of therapies and could also be useful for winter time customers who have pains.

The group appear to have had a good time and say they hope to come back in the winter. Diane has friends coming for a month who she’s not seen for two years and is working until end of October. She manages some rental properties in Anydroi which are mostly let to Germans, Austrians and now British.

The day has disappeared, the dogs have yet to be fed and it’s nearly dark. I met Kostas in Petrakis this morning and asked him for some salt. He will leave me a bag when he comes to the Promontory to collect salt next.

Another day passed by…

Warmer and a lot less windy


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