9/11 +20

I drank beer with Georgia whilst eating then she gave me a bottle of water which I also drank so my night was punctuated with the need to offload all this liquid.

The Early Walk was without excitement as no one was about even though it’s Saturday. The dogs were suitably exercised and we were returning to the camping when we came upon an Englishman who was admiring the sunrise. Skinny and Isabella introduced themselves to him and I ascertained he was staying nearby with his wife for a week. They are planning to retire to a warmer climate quite soon I understand. He admired the dogs and continued across Grammeno Beach towards his apartment.

I exercised my brain and then set off on my bike for a trip up over Panorama and then around Paleochora. There was someone attending to the dogs at the PAWS facility so I rode on by to get into the sea at Alonáki for a quick splash around. There were some waves but they were well behaved so I swam out to the rather muddled line of buoys and back again.

A largish caravan has been parked at the beach for a few days and there were signs of activity during my swim. I eventually extracted myself from the water and rode the short distance back to the camping. I noticed a very slight chill in the wind as I turned left onto the cycle path leading to the camping.

There has been a couple with a small tent not far from the northern border of my compound for a few days. The occupants were sitting outside chatting as I returned. Their peace was soon shattered once I released the dogs but it was 09:30 so a little barking can be expected.

I fed the horde and made tea for myself before sitting down to recuperate from my activities. It soon became quite warm so I believe I may have drifted off to sleep until woken by some horrid barking dog! Not the best way to endear themselves to me.

The bulk of the day has been spent doing very little or silly jobs. I tidied the decking, put away the tent sides bag which will upset Fido as he likes to lie on it. I hung up the dog blankets and put the sun blocker back up as it was warm and it should remain calm for a few days.

I looked for a replacement seat fabric for my chair as this one is on its last legs. I have a suspicion the other may also be in a frail state. Some of the plastic parts of the frame have been used by Isabella to test her teeth. They are serviceable if not inelegant. I removed the battery and hard disk from my deceased MacBook Pro. The battery had swollen so the case screws were difficult to remove and some pinged off into oblivion. The SSD (Solid State Disk) is fast and worth saving if only I can find a reasonably-priced and reliable enclosure to install it into. There’s very little else left worth saving. With daily use since April 2014 in hot and dusty conditions, most parts are worn out. I will try to dispose of the battery in a suitable location as it contains unpleasant chemicals.

There have been a few more arrivals and shrill, excited noises emanating from the main part of the camping and the beach. M4-6 are let as a car unloaded and I can hear chatter nearby.

It’s the 20th anniversary of 9/11. I recall the event as I was in my office at RSH. There was a TV in the library where we watched the replays of the plane crashing into the Twin Towers. Twenty years later: are we any further forward?

An airless start followed by a mostly still, warm and sunny day. It felt warmer than 29.8ºC


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