Distant storms

Monday dawned a little breezy but still only t-shirt weather. I managed to keep all of the dogs with me and they kept up well. I wasn’t entirely sure where they were when it was dark but they showed up at the right places at the right time.

The only real surprise was right at the end of the walk when a group of people suddenly filed onto the Promontory just as we were about to leave. They were all men and I think it was some guided visit however they arrived in their own cars. There was a line of cars in the car park. They seemed pleased to see the dogs and I think the feeling was mutuel. Several asked if they were all mine and probably couldn’t believe someone would be out walking so many dogs at 07:15 on a Monday morning. They continued down to the end so we carried on back to the camping.

With the dogs inside, I Elevated my brain and Balanced my mind before getting on my bike for my cycling workout up to the top of the mountain and back through Paleochora. I saw Tasos as he was on his way to Paleochora camping and asked if he had any salt for sale. I waited near his house for him to return from his commission then we went to his salt storeroom where he weighed out 10kg of sea salt. 5kg for me and 5kg for Sascha to take back to Germany. 5kg will last me a year as I’m running out. Tasos told me Lau would soon arrive from The Netherlands as he would be coming to Paleochora for the first time in two years. He’s had some work on his eyes and we had Covid last year. Tasos, Lau and Gregory go back a long way.

I had a guided tour of Tasos’ house which is a typical small Greek house. It’s not particularly big but must be cold in winter. He says he has a stove in the kitchen but lives mostly in one room when it’s cold. I took my 10kg sea salt back to the camping where the dogs were delighted to be let out as it was 10:00.

There have been few excitements during the day other than a visit from Maria bearing a parcel which contains the hydraulic brakes for my my bike. That now completes the first order from Big Game Bikes. There are some more electrical bits on the way but at least I can get on with changing the back brake. Having two brakes again will be more reassuring. I had a small IT task for EG which was the only interruption to my otherwise restful day. Sascha tells me he’s coming to Grammeno with Zora so will pick up the salt to save me bringing it on my bike. I assured him that 5kg of sea salt was neither here nor there even coming up to Spaniakos. Still, if he’s coming this way, he may as well take it with him.

The morning breeziness gave way to a still day which has become a little draughty towards sunset. Tomorrow and Wednesday will be much the same which is why I’ll go to Spaniakos on Thursday morning early.

Quite a sensible top temperature of 31.6ºC at 14:32.
Some more areas have turned red however only the Iraklion district is red on Crete. Apparently, Germany has removed Crete and South Aegean from it’s list of hazardous locations.
There are some storms lurking around off Libya however I think they are drifting further south so will be just silent flashes in the nigh sky


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