Lightning to the south

There were several distant flashes as we entered the Promontory for the Early Walk – no sound only light. There was a slight breeze but otherwise generally warm and very pleasant. No other excitements other than the usual dashing around from Isabella. She appears to have more energy than all the others put together.

I managed to Elevate my brain and Balance my mind before heading off for a quick ride over Panorama without the more lengthy diversion to the top of the mountain. I needed to drop €25 to Tasos for the salt I purchased from him. He is a gentleman of limited means so I found it galling when he told me of the people, some commercial, who might make him wait up to a year before paying him. I understand that he’s not very forceful when credit control is required. Anyway, I didn’t want him to have to wait. We had a brief chat then I was on my way.

My next stop was Petrakis for some groceries, mostly fruit and veg. I went a little mad with the grapes but it’s my indulgence. I was quickly on my way for a swim off Alonáki. I wasn’t certain what the weather might do but finally opted for a swim out to the buoys. There were clouds approaching from the northwest followed by a squally wind which rendered the sea a little uncomfortable at times. I made it as far as the buoys but didn’t wish to be caught out so headed straight back for the shore. More wind and waves followed so I worked hard to get closer to the shore and out of the worst of the wind. Interestingly, despite the adverse conditions, I was back in under twenty minutes! More energy expended though. With the sun covered by clouds, it felt chilly as I rode back to the camping.

I’ve just had to rescue Luis from the rest of the horde. He is a predictable pain in the arse especially where barking during cat standoffs is concerned. He keeps on yapping whereas the others bark and then stop. He is usually the only one to make any noise during any nighttime incident but shuts up quickly when told. Today, he raced off when Hop-Along and one of the other males was having a yowling competition on Janne and Erica’s decking. I told him to shut up but there was a further outburst so he started off again. This time, the others turned on him which is their way to saying they’re fed up with a pack member’s behaviour. This I can relate to however things were getting a little unpleasant. Even though he’s the noisiest he’s also the smallest so all against one could end badly for him so I intervened. My first target was Isabella who quickly found herself in the SDC with the gate closed. Next I picked up the hose to administer a good spraying which ended the affair. Luis slunk off and sensibly went inside the where I shut the gate so he would be alone. He will be subdued for a while however I need to take control to prevent the situation from developing in the future especially if I’m not there. However, it might not turn out the same if I’m away as the dynamics are different. Hard to explain in a way. He’s tidying himself up at the moment. Isabella wants to come out of the SDC and I’m deliberately ignoring the others.

My dispute continues with RadPower Bikes about my panniers. The support representative is going through the full gamut of negotiation techniques however I’ve read the negotiation book too, several times. My latest reply has moved to the curt and factual with reference to my ‘legal representative’, so we’ll see what that brings. I have the time and patience to persist as well as a certain level of legal knowledge acquired over time and at South Bank. Support representatives follow a set procedure although this guy is a little inconsistent and vague. If nothing else, I’ll waste a lot of their time and then pepper the Internet with negative feedback. Having reviewed one site today, I notice RadPower have had a great deal of problems delivering orders to the UK which is hardly surprising due to Brexit. Unfortunately, many of their customers are very dissatisfied and it would appear that their customer support has been less than efficient. The UK is a good market for electric bikes and Rad has a worthy product if only they can get their act together with customer service.

Other tasks today included some banana bread which is now cooling on a rack in the oven and will stay there until tomorrow morning. There was low water pressure this morning but that seems to be as normal now. The power went off during the afternoon. I guessed when there was no Internet connection followed by the generator starting up. The DEH (ΔΕΗ) have been busy replacing poles and pylons along the new pedestrian/cycle way to Paleochora. Seems they were unable to move the posts before construction so have now left a series of holes where the stumps of the old poles have been extracted. Nothing like coordinating a project…

Other than some rapidly passing clouds, there was an exceedingly brief shower which consisted of a very few drops of rain. Maria contacted me soon after but I was able to reassure her that rain was not imminent. There was a little wind later on but that seems to have diminished so will hopefully not require the removal of the sun blocker. None of the fans have been needed today.

A slightly breezy start with a sunny and warm day with only the briefest of showers which produced an insignificant amount of water.
The sea daffodils are doing well here as this area has, for some reason, been watered a couple of times. The Tamarisk trees are regularly watered which is why the nearby flowers thrive. Those on the Promontory are awaiting the first rain of autumn whenever that decides to materialise.


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