Happy Birthday Ursula!

The dogs were moving around before five so I was up and ready to go just after the normal getting up time. It was dark at 05:20 was we approached the Promontory. I had a good pace going as I was trying to get back so as to be able to get up to see Steffi and Sascha at Spaniakos. A figure appeared from the gloom as we left the Promontory and were about to walk up to Plakaki. Someone who’d been collecting salt no doubt. We continued to Plakaki, and turned back whereupon there was some other excitement probably a dog on the beach. I called them to me as I was keen to get on.

It was still dark as we crossed the rocks for the second time and got back to the van. I put my fully charged battery on my bike and set off for Spaniakos just after seven. It was a fairly easy ride with a full battery so I was there forty-five minutes later.

I had a tour of the new installations: the terraces and the stone-built bathroom below. Things have moved on since my previous visit almost a year ago. We drank tea and chatted then I left at 10:15 to let out the dogs. I was back at Grammeno thirty minutes later as it’s a lot quicker going down hill.

The dogs appear to have behaved nicely in my absence, I fed them and then sat down myself. A little while later, I received a call from Maria as a new customer has arrived and needed an electricity meter. I gave him the tour of the installations as he plans to stay for several months. Frank is from Bremen but is a resident of Romania. He likes to be somewhere warm for the winter and came to Paleochora last winter and stayed for the lockdown. This time he has his caravan and car.

Sascha appeared unexpectedly bearing a bag of potatoes he’d received from Lucky. He thought I might like them for the dogs. Steffi has been to the beach and to the sea.

The day has been pleasantly warm, the floor fan has been on and in cool mode! Hardly surprising as the top temperature is 33.6ºC for today.


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