Do I go or do I stay?

The plan was to go into Paleochora for shopping and then back again to get some dog food for Isabella. We were out in good time for an uneventful walk on a still, warm morning. It’s now getting light as we come back to The Promontory for the second time.

I had a cup of tea then Balanced my mind and Elevated my brain. The plan was to swim at Alonáki after the Petrakis visit which took a little longer as Yiannis went home to get the spare oil burner he said he’d give me. On my way back I received a message from Michael asking me to print out his Covid inoculation document in case he had problems with his phone when he went to board the ferry that evening. I returned to the camping directly in case Michael was leaving immediately. I discovered he wasn’t planning to leave until five but I printed the document anyway and left it on his desk.

Maria was in the reception so I had a brief chat with her and suggested I might man the reception next week for a couple of hours each day so that she had time to study for her exam which is at the end of the month. She said she’d talk to Georgia and get back to me. I’d agreed to swim with Michael as he’s a a bit of a loose end so went down to the bar where he was waiting. We were in the sea about thirty minutes then I went back to let out the dogs, get my bike from reception and have a shower.

I fed the dogs and decided I should change my back bike brake for the hydraulic one which arrived a earlier in the week. I’d not done this before in the hope that the other components might turn up so as not to have to repeat some jobs. I now have a working rear brake which will make life a little less hazardous.

There was a support call from Stephen at LBS announcing there was no Internet access or telephones. The phones are over IP so that was no surprise. There were no lights on the router so we came to the conclusion the power supply had failed. Simon will be back in the office on Monday so he can sort it out.

Michael called to say that Georgia had asked him to stay on another few days so that Maria could have a break to study and rest. He will stay for another ten days I understand. I went up to see him in the office later as he was feeling lonely. I’ve said we’s swim together tomorrow morning.

Apparently, there is an influx of customers throughout the island especially since Germany no longer considers Crete and the South Aegean to be a health concern.

Many of the staff have left as the end of the season approaches. Bona is on her own and Dimitris and Anna are in charge of the bar and restaurant. There is only one in the kitchen. Many of the customers are in motorhomes so they tend to cater for themselves however there is not so much room for motorhomes as there are tents still on the beach front. In the winter, I can put six vans down there.

It looks as though the next few days are going to be quite warm but not 40ºC as we sometimes experience in September. Today has been warm with just a gentle breeze. I didn’t bother to go back to Paleochora as I have enough Isabella food until Monday.

Crete is no longer red and the east is even yellow! There is more redness on the mainland but also some yellow there too! Many more islands are green or yellow.


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