Warmest Day of September

Still and warm for the Early Walk with only a slight twist to give distance to a number of fishermen who were coming for a fisher fest by the looks of it. We ran into a couple more as we were coming back and they seemed pleased to see the dogs.

I performed a variety of cerebral activities and drank tea before mounting my steed for a workout over Panorama and around Paleochora with a brief visit to the two ‘girls’ so they could chew my fingers and other appendages.

The two ‘girls’ playing nicely together…

A quick visit to Petrakis to collect some oranges and then back to Grammeno to splash around with Michael. We were in the water for quite some time but with fewer distractions. A couple more young ladies were on the beach so he couldn’t resist a chat which gave the the opportunity to slip away.

I had a brief natter with the French family in T2 – daughter with elderly parents. The cats have made friends with them so I dedicated some time pointing out which was which.

I released and fed the dogs then got on with the DDs before planting myself in a chair with a cup of tea. It was already quite warm.

I seem to have kept myself busy with little jobs including equalising my battery bank and resetting the State of Charge level. It slips out of kilter after a while and it was good to give it a full charge so that the cells can balance if required. I took the battery bank offline for the last part of the charging process so that it wouldn’t be under load. I noticed how much slower the fans are when the power is drawn from the Grid which is somewhere around 220V (ish)

The DDs have been processed but their rice was put on a little later as a result so now they’re fidgeting around being impatient and silly. I can see the young female cat is ready for some food. In summer, she often disappears for a while then returns as if she’s not eaten in months.

All told, it’s been another warm and sunny day with a top temperature of 37.0ºC at 12:14 so the warmest day of the month.


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