Ursula and Tony Arrive

I left Skinny outside on the decking with Isabella, Charlie and Obi but he decided to have a romp around with Isabella in the early hours so I invited him to come inside so we could have some peace.

The morning was still and warm with plenty of moonlight so I was able to switch off my head torch soon after I left the gate into the field. I could even see the dogs on the road and on the beach! With more light, the walk to the end of the Promontory was brisk so I was soon dispensing biscuits and we were walking over the rocks and back down to the beach.

I was alone on the walk to Azzuro to begin with then Fido and Oskar caught me up. All except for Luis were present and correct when we arrived at Plakaki where I handed out more biscuits before we started back towards the Promontory.

The remainder of the walk was without incident, we saw no one, and it soon started to get light. We were back in the camping before 07:15!

I made tea and fiddled with my brain before setting off for the Paleochora section of my morning workout routine. There was no one to chase today so the ride in might have verged on the leisurely. I was overtaken by a motorcycle with a man and a small boy at the rear as I climbed to Panorama. I think they were on an electric bike the other day and came whizzing past me.

I stopped briefly to pet the puppies who came up to see me. We went back down whilst I made a fuss of them. Shortly after, a car pulled up and a German woman got out. I imagine she’d visited before as she made a big fuss of them. I took the opportunity to leave and go back to the camping. The run back was easy as there was almost no wind.

It was around 08:45, there was no sign of Michael at the bar so I went down to the sea and swam out a good distance. I expected him to arrive but I couldn’t see him although I was quite a long way out. I swam for around thirty minutes and then went back to release the dogs and feed them. Today, I even had a shower! Michael was in the reception as Maria was poorly with a gastric unpleasantness of some kind.

I cleared up a little, made some tea and settled into my chair for some relaxation. The dogs were quiet although there is always one which brings me back into the present. There was an invoice to send to EG so I got on with getting that together. Tony and Ursula arrived at Chania airport and were soon in the camping. I extracted their chairs and table from the storeroom and gave them a quick hose off to remove the layers of accumulated dust before thing them down to M6 where they would be staying. I then went up to reception to welcome them as I knew Maria was poorly so would not be able to do it herself. Michael said a quick hello and then I took them down to their cabin and left them to settle in. I think they will catch up with themselves sometime tomorrow after a meal and good night’s sleep.

The day has been warm and sunny but cooler than yesterday.

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