Artic Tundra

I retreated under my sheet as it was cooler. It didn’t seem much point in staying in bed when I woke up just after five so I arose and got the day underway. We were crossing the field around 05:25 so had a good start on the day. It was still only T-shirt weather but there was no temptation to take it off. The moon was almost overhead as we made our way to the end of the Promontory and back over the rocks so I could see the dogs even on the beach.

A van was in the beach car park and three others along the track at the top of Alonaki Beach but we saw no signs of life. Having walked to Plakaki and back, we met Ursula who’d made her way to the end of the Promontory. The dogs had not seen her for quite a few months but even Oskar barked only a little. We walked back together and examined the new facilities for individuals with disabilities or whatever the current politically correct descriptive term is. I took the dogs back leaving Ursula taking photos.

I performed my daily brain workouts then set off for Paleochora on my bike workout. There was a little wind as I rode towards Panorama and then down past EKO into Paleochora, along the front and past the puppies. They already had visitors so I continued on. I called in to the bakery to pick up a pastry for Tony then returned to the camping to deliver it and go for a swim with Ursula.

The sea was reasonably calm with some waves a little further out. I stayed in for about 20 minutes which was enough as there was a bit of a chilly wind as I stood on the beach. I even went for a hot indoor shower for the first time in quite a while.

There were no pressing engagements for the remainder of the morning although I found time for some gentle slumber and video-watching. I leapt into action to produce some banana bread which wasn’t too demanding.

The French couple with their daughter left for Iraklion for their return trip so I spent some time with Tony and Ursula eating nuts and chatting generally. The power was off for an hour or so and the router didn’t come back up when it resumed so I went to the office to give it a nudge.

I took the opportunity to visit Maria who’d improved although still confined to her bed. I think she’s getting over her gastric situation just needs to de-stress a little. I gave her the number for Eloise who is the therapist in Paleochora. Frank was contemplating a winter location for his caravan so I introduced him to some alternatives which will become available once the camping is quieter. I didn’t have a lot of time before joining Tony and Ursula for tea and banana bread.

The dogs were starting to get silly so I separated Skinny, Isabella and Charlie and put Luis, Fido and Oskar inside. The sun was weakening and the wind getting cooler as we sat outside M6 drinking tea and eating banana bread. A resident of CBV arrived in the field outside the gate complaining that the dogs were barking. I pointed out they were quiet until he’d arrived and it wasn’t unrealistic to expect them to bark with him standing the other side of their fence. I don’t recall them being that noisy during the day so he may have unrealistic expectations especially in Greece. I reassured him and gave him my phone number so he could text me if he felt they were being too noisy. The visitors are here for another couple of weeks which will complicate matters slightly.

I returned to Tony and Ursula, it became colder and windier so I went back and put on a light fleece! I fed the dogs and noticed that Luis, Fido, Oskar and Skinny didn’t take much encouragement to come inside. I wonder how long Charlie will remain in his house this evening.

Chillier, especially in the evening. There was rain in the north of the island. Windier as the day progressed

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