Chilly night

I closed a number of windows but not the door and went to bed just under a sheet. Later, I woke feeling sub-optimally warm and deployed my thinnest fleecy blanket. It was necessary to augment this with the thicker fleecy blanket as I was still not suitably warm. The other night it was too hot to sleep!

It was a fleece and polo shirt walk which was different from the others due to a couple of temporary additional dogs. The Rug was sauntering along the shoreline and eventually came to join us to the delight of Isabella who then had an eager playmate capable of standing up to her style of ‘playing’. Ursula, who’d met up as we returned from Azzuro, left to energise Tony for their trip to Spaniakos. I took the extended pack a little way along Alonáki Beach so that The Rug and Isabella could romp in the sea and generally expend some energy. We met up with a German-speaking woman with a dog. We stayed together for a short while but the dog felt threatened by eight dogs for some reason so we headed back to the camping. My plan was to return The Rug to her home however she had other ideas and had vanished.

I wandered the camping in case she was lurking somewhere, to no avail so ended up playing with the group of pussies which decided to invade M6. Tony was still in his pit but was having great fun watching the cats play and chase each other around. At one point, I think I counted five cats inside with more outside. I left to go and ride my bike as the wind was getting up and it was less than warm.

It was a blowy ride towards Paleochora however the ride up to the pass was less so. I encountered Kostas coming the other way in his 4×4. The run back down into Paleochora was fun and easy, the girls were not to be seen so I continued to Petrakis for some fruit and veg. The wind followed on the way back to the camping.

I fed the dogs and made the DD’s. Ursula and Tony left for Spaniakos and I put the DDs in the Pot and drank my tea.

The day passed quietly by however I wasn’t participating very much spending much of the time with my head in the computer. On their return, Ursula and Tony went to the beach and then I joined them for some tea and chatter. Ursula had bought some cat food which turned out to be very satisfactory for the feline visitors.

Quite warm and windless after a blustery start. What will the night bring with the wind still from the north? Tomorrow should be a little warmer.


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