Very Lazy…

I unsuccessfully connected a couple of cameras to Bona’s husband’s phone so the dogs had to wait quietly for their supper.

Janne and Erica arrived around 23:00 without travelling all around Europe. I retired to my boudoir and slept soundly until morning.

Sunday mornings usually bring fishermen to the Promontory. Today was no exception. They were good humoured and didn’t seem to mind the larger dogs bounding up to them although I was asked if they were ‘good’.

Ursula didn’t join us as she’d been chained to the loo most of the night and possibly was suffering from a similar affliction as Maria and Anna. Both of whom are likely to have succumbed more easily due to fatigue.

Otherwise, the Early Walk was without excitement except for a tardy return on the part of Charlie who sauntered in as I was performing some overdue tasks.

I passed a number of runners who were on their way to Krios as part of the Paleochora half-marathon. There was also a 5km run for the less enthusiastic and unadventurous. I didn’t run but rode my bike to the top of the mountain and back to Grammeno via Petrakis. A mere 17.29km.

I dropped off an apple pastry to Tony and then released and fed the dogs leaving Ursula to solitude and her poorliness.

I occupied a significant chunk of my day to playing with the two cameras. One simply does not work whilst the other will connect to the network when they urge takes it. Once connected and the app configured, it functions as expected.

A refreshing shower left me with clean feet although Isabella thought I wasn’t clean enough so gave me a good licking. I’m waiting for their rice to cook so that I can feed them. I have a feeling this evening is not likely to be a very lively affair.

At least the camping has been fairly active with families enjoying the warm weather on the beach. Maria had her assessment today so was busily revising when I passed by reception to change the toner cartridge in the printer. The printer detected that the replacement was not original so someone will need to contact the supplier.

A soothingly warm and windless day which those on the beach enjoyed


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