I watched a silly film called 6 Underground. Plenty of action with a flimsy plot but quite entertaining.

Isabella scuttling around at 05:00 woke me. I hoped it was earlier but there was no reason to loaf around in bed. Most of the collars had been on charge overnight so I collected them up once I’d got my boots on. We left by 05:35.

The morning was warmer but I was wearing a light fleece anyway but ended up rolling up the sleeves. A car was parked opposite the motorhome which has been resident for a few days. I saw the car sidle off later on. Likely up to no good…

Other than a rather surprised German woman who was frightened of dogs due to a childhood incident, the Early Walk was uneventful. Back at the ranch, I made tea and did things to my brain before riding over Panorama and around Paleochora on my bike workout course. Michael was waiting at the bar so we went into the sea for twenty minutes or so.

Once back with the dogs, I released and fed them and got on with making some banana bread and doggy dinners. Maria appeared with two Amazon parcels which were delivered exactly as promised. My flabber was gasted! Today’s delivery included the magnetic power cable for my iPad which should, hopefully, disconnect rather than disintegrate when a dog gets tangled up. The replacement seat for my chair, the hydraulic brake bleeding kit and some Instant Pot spares. The Instant Pot and brake mineral oil should appear next Monday if things go according to plan. My package from UK has been held up in customs since the beginning of the month. Another victim of Brexit perhaps.

There have been over 25 earthquakes/aftershocks to the southeast of Iraklion. The strongest was this morning around 09:30 which brought down the domed roof of a church which was being repaired. One man was killed and others were injured. There was other minor damage to buildings. The strongest was M5.8 however we felt nothing at this end of the island. Others, further away said they did.

I took a trip to the office to reconnect the POS device with the dodgy ‘3’ key as Maria needed to talk to their support desk about it. Interestingly, the ‘3’ key is now working so I could have used it to process a €0.03 (3 cents) in stead of the €0.01 one that I do to test it’s working. They will use both POS machines to check it has stopped being temperamental.

Janne went running this morning and I think Erica walked to Krios. They have been tidying up their area of leaves and any weeds which had sprung up since their previous visit.

I joined Tony and Ursula for Tiffin and now the dogs have been fed so are happy. There is a minor pussy dispute brewing which I need to take care of before preparing my evening meal. Ursula is still nursing her gastric instability so is not eating today. The cook came to tell me there is some fish soup on the menu at the restraurant.

Another warm and sunny day. I even had all the fans on!


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