Wild Geese

It was a warm, windless Early Walk with little in the way of excitement. Not a soul to be seen however the motorhome in the car park has transformed into an Italian one with a motorcycle. There is also a new van on Alonáki Beach.

We were back at the camping by 07:00 so I had time for a quick read of the newspaper as well as doing stuff with my brain. I’d agreed to swim with Michael at 09:00 so got going as I needed a quick visit to Petrakis for some fruit. There I met Sascha and Steffi who were purchasing some items for their return journey via Piraeus, Patras and Ancona. It won’t take them long to get back from Berlin with their nice new Mitsubishi.

I returned to the camping to drop off Tony’s spinach pie then joined Michael at the bar where Anna was enjoying a quiet coffee. We were in the water for around forty minutes and found ourselves quite far out at one point. Michael says he plans to catch the night fairy to Piraeus tomorrow so it will be our final morning swim unless he changes his mind that is.

I fed dogs and relaxed with a cup of tea in the warm sunshine. It was quite hot at one point. I wrote a couple of emails, one to UPS regarding the delivery of my Instant Pot which Amazon told me had an address query. I’d not sent the email very long when Maria arrived with the Instant Pot! How’s that for responsive service. She wished to know all about it so I unpacked it for her inspection. At present, I’ve just removed the pot and will keep the actual main part for times where I might need to make large amounts of something or if the original one fails. Having two pots is a real bonus as it provides a deal of flexibility if one pot is in use. Having a spare is vital considering the IP is used at least once every day.

Maria sent me on a wild goose chase to bring in an electric meter left by some customers following a long stay. It transpired that Tony had brought the meter back and stuck it to the fridge like the forward-thinking chap that he is. My next mission was to go to the office to put out all of the replacement cartridges for the printer as they are incompatible. Georgia was supposed to take them to Chania but, for whatever reason, they remain in the office. The printer is only useful for scanning now that it contains no suitable toner cartridge.

I joined Tony, Ursula and a number of cats for tea and entertainment. The cats were the entertainment. Michael came to show some customers around introducing me to the second set who may come back for a week in the winter.

I received a message from Antonis to tell me that the military aircraft constantly flying overhead the previous evening were part of an exercise to test out the non-existant radar facility not on the mountain above Sklavopoula.

Other than some cloudy spells, the day has been warm and sunny.


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