Bye-Bye Michael

Two motorhomes and two motorbikes were parked in the beach car park as well as another motorhome along Alonáki. The other bike rider was in a small tent we discovered which was pitched above the Small Beach.

Isabella and Skinny went bolting off as we returned to the Promontory so I guessed they’d picked up her scent. Only Fido and Luis remained with me. We finally all met up before going back just after 07:00.

I made tea and did brain things then set off for my bike workout which today took me to the pass and then into Paleochora. There were dogs by the PAWS place but I was on a mission so didn’t stop to play. I had a pastry to get for Tony and to get back in time for my final sea adventure with Michael.

We slipped into the sea just after nine and were probably there a good twenty minutes. I got a hot shower on the way back then fed the dogs before getting on with my day. I amused myself watching a screen test of Raymond Burr and William Hopper head-to-head playing the role of Perry Mason. Burr was originally cast in the support role as the detective, Paul Drake, but I can understand why he was recast as the lead.

I wandered over to see Janne and Erica later on as we tried to work out the Apple account password for their old iPad. We concluded that it was out of date so I need to reset the device some other way. Other support calls came from Simon who was replacing the battery in his UPS. He has since reconnected it and everything is working as it should.

It became windier as the day progressed so Michael may need to take one of his seasick pills before boarding for his return to Piraeus. He is finally leaving today having extended his stay to help out Maria during her illness and give her some time to study for her exam. He starts his job with the National Bank of Greece in October.

I joined Tony and Ursula for tea surrounded by a plethora of cats. They are calmer now that they are older and so mostly into sleeping or playing gently with each other.

It’s been mostly warm and sunny but windier with more forecast for tomorrow and Friday. We cannot complain because the weather has been very good in September.


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