The Brown Dog was wandering the camping during the night which caused some consternation to Isabella who I invited into the van to shut her up. She hadn’t been making a lot of noise, just growling occasionally. With Skinny and the others already present, that didn’t leave a lot of surplus floor space.

Our Early Walk was cool and blustery so the walk up the beach to Plakaki was difficult on the way up but speedy on the way back. Isabella and Skinny disappeared up the Promontory presumably after Ursula and I found myself on my own as I walked over the rocks. When I came up the sandy bit I discovered The Rug was there which explained the excited barking from Isabella. I assumed The Rug was the only cause of their excitement so it was only when I searched the camping for Charlie did I discover that Ursula had been with them.

I went to the top of the mountain and then to Petrakis for some shopping for the Doggy Dinners. The supermarket wasn’t very busy and it was an easy run back to Grammeno with a following wind.

Janne had given me an old iPad to reinstall so I borrowed his Windows laptop when they went out for the morning. I eventually got the iPad to reset itself with the help of the laptop but it was to no avail as it was too old for the software Janne wanted to use it for. I’m sure they’ll repurpose it somehow.

I dealt with the Doggy Dinners before joining Ursula and Tony for tea and I have a dinner appointment with Stephanie who arrived last night and who plans to stay at the camping for a few days. We’re going to have a catch-up over a meal as it’s been a long time since she left Crete.

It’s been a cooler day with quite a bit of wind with more to follow.


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