It Must Have Been Cooler…

I dined at the camping restaurant with Stephanie accompanied by Ursula and Tony together with the three kittens from the latest batch. Of all the kittens, the larger ginger one was the least annoying. The others finally relented once the plates were cleared. The meal was very pleasant and there were plenty of choices. Ursula took back a doggy bag which was interfered with by a [Brown] dog during the course of the night. I’m not sure that the cats got a look-in.

It was becoming cooler so I wasn’t too upset to be heading back to the van just after 21:15. I finished off the final 30 minutes of ‘IF’ which I’d started the previous evening. I went outside to charge my watch and phone to find Isabella curled up in the chair and Charlie standing waiting to come in – so it wasn’t my imagination about the coolness. Charlie remaind inside the van all night. The dogs had been out but with their collars still on during the time I was away but I heard a little noise only once I recall.

The night was chilly as well as windy. I don’t seem to have cut back the trees yet so they are still scraping on the upper roof. We didn’t hang around on the walk so met Ursula at the end of the Promontory surrounded by dogs and returned together. There were no vans parked either in the beach car park or along the beach. Then again, it was quite wind. In contrast, the camping has lots of vans and campers scattered around but very few tents.

Having reorganised my brain, I went to the top of the mountain and then through Paleochora and back via the bakery with an apple pie for Tony. I suspect Ursula was testing out the sea however I shall content myself with cycling as the sea is probably too exciting and the wind is too chilly for my delicate constitution.

I’ve made some banana bread and Ursula has made some no-cook cake so we will be spoiled at teatime. I went mad and cleaned the counter as well as the sink following my culinary activities.

I joined Ursula and Tony for some of their no-cook cake. Just a taste as it needed longer in the fridge. We tried out the banana bread which was different from all the others as usual.

It was a blowy day but still sunny although not terribly warm.

Weather summary for 1 October
Weather summary for September 2021. (37ºC)


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