Fixing Things

I was in bed just after nine as the evening was anything but warm so I had no desire to sit up for too long. I need to start preparing the van for winter soon.

Lots of fidgeting dogs during the night lead to a slightly distracted night on my part. There must be a rodent somewhere judging by all the moving about. Not another rat hopefully.

The morning was dark and chilly with a little wind so we didn’t hang about. A man was sleeping near the east side of the Promontory so had the pleasure of the dogs around 05:45. They ignored him except for Oskar who had a short woof.

The dogs managed to arrive at Plakaki even though only Fido, Oskar and Charlie were actually walking with me. We had our biscuits and set off back to the Promontory. The sea had been moving around a little as the sun loungers at Azzuro were scattered about.

Ursula was waiting at the end of the Promontory surrounded by a mass of dogs. I took them over the rocks again and we walked back together. The car park and the beach are being watered presumably to keep the sand from blowing towards any punters brave enough to want to sit out on a windy day.

I cycled up the mountain as swimming was low on my list of desirable activities due to the wind, cold and waves. I fed some biscuits to the small dog at The PAWS sanctuary, the two girls appear to have been moved on to foster or rehomed. Next stop was the bakery for a spinach pie for Tony then an easy ride back with a following wind. I delivered the pie then went to release and feed the dogs.

Much of the day has been spent doing little inside the van jobs as it was cool and windy outside and there are plenty of things outstanding. I fixed the light which had a poor connections so was dimmer each evening. I fixed up another, brighter light for those occasions when more light might be welcome. Another, long-overdue job was to properly fix the shelf which supports the speakers. These invariably fall off the shelf when I adjust the seat cushions beneath. By the time I’d done all this, it was teatime.

We had some more of Ursula’s wonderful stick-to-your-ribs no-cook cake and some tea and chatter. Stephanie appeared with her bicycle as she was on her way to Paleochora for some live music. DownTown Paleochora on a Saturday night is not to be missed. She will be cycling back in the dark. She tells me she may extend her stay in Ξ6 as she still has one or two outstanding jobs to complete before setting off for her round-the-island cycle/car trip.

The day became very gusty at times but now is almost still so may even remain so all night. It was warm in the sun but not warm enough to encourage Ursula into the sea and me definitely not.

Breezy and chilly with plenty of warm sunshine


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