A Quick Prune

The wind blew and the roof rattled as the trees banged against it. I sent a message to Ursula suggesting she stay in bed as it was chilly, dark and gusty.

Our walk was uneventful so we were back at the van just after seven. I made tea and did useful things until around eight when I picked up my almost empty bike battery and headed to Paleochora. The battery had been taken off the bike and plugged in all night but for some reason, I’d deleted the schedule to turn on the charger! With only just over 30% it would be tricky especially as it was very windy.

Nevertheless, I used my electricity sparingly so had to work quite hard at times to get up the hill to Panorama. Going to the top of the mountain I felt would be overdoing it. Riding around in the town is pretty easy as it’s mostly flat and I had a following wind to take me back to the camping. I turned off the traction power leaving just the light and the information panel connecte so as I’d know my speed and the mileage would be recorded. Incidentally, I passed the 6,000km mark yesterday.

I dropped off Tony’s chocolate croissant, petted some of the multitude of pussies then went to release and feed the dogs.

The morning became almost still as the wind finally abated. I was pretty still too other than preparing and processing the Doggy Dinners which need to be earlier as we’re going to Third Eye this evening.

Since Isabella is now so long, it’s possible for her to reach up almost to where the pussy bowl is magnetically affixed to the fence. It was moved to that location to prevent all and sundry from helping themselves to the food but as I now seem to be feeding any cat which pitches up, the bowl can be moved. I started by moving the bowl back near to its original location under the tree. This means the dogs should be less inclined to bother the cats when they try to eat. Some of the cats come down into the enclosure anyway but others prefer the fence.

Whilst I was there, I continued by removing a large branch from the large carob tree which was resting on the top of the fence. This has been annoying me for a while so it’s much better without it. I then turned my attention to some of the annoying branches near the van which bang on the roof. There are many redundant branches which need removing from these trees and the largest tree still requires some drastic attention as it blocks out the afternoon sun in the winter. I shall need to proceed gradually so as not to attract attention. It’s going to have to be after Janne and Erica leave just in case Georgia comes to visit them for any reason.

Tomorrow should be calm all day which will be ideal for putting up the tent sides before the forecast rain arrives on Friday or Saturday. The weather forecast keeps changing which is hardly surprising given the unpredictable weather at this time of the year. I’m still thinking about what should replace the fabric sides and hope that Antonis will come to see me so that we can discuss possibilities.

We’re off to Third Eye leaving at 17:45 so the Doggy Rice is cooking in the pot so that they can be fed earlier. I suspect they prefer the idea of early to late and at least they should be calmer in my absence. The lovely Phil who is staying at CBV should be going back to UK very soon. It was he who complained about the barking dogs.

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