Fika 2 The Revenge!

An enjoyable if not blustery meal was had at Third Eye right at the beginning of the evening sitting. Fortunately too, as our table was grabbed as soon as we left since there were none to be had. The quality of food at Third Eye is as good as if not better than previously although Erica feels that it’s not quite the same at To Skoleo which is another frequented spot.

It made a good change not to be going out on a cold, dark and windy morning. It was still dark thanks to increasing cloudiness and the end of the current lunar cycle, but not at all cold. We left a little later than usual so passed Ursula who was making her way outwards to the end of The Promontory. Isabella was unsure as to who to remain with so attempted to keep all her options open and be with both. We all finally caught up once we were back from Azzuro/Plakaki and walked back down the Promontory together.

I went off on my bike to ride over Panorama, buy vaccines for the dogs, pick up a pie for Tony and visit Petrakis so that I could make more Banana Bread for later. Ursula had offered Fika II at the end of their last full day so I contributed some Banana Bread to the proceedings.

Once back at the camping, I delivered Tony’s pie having released and fed the dogs then returned to get on with BB preparation before finally sitting down for a cup of tea and a rest.

Without the wind enjoyed during the past few days, the day was pleasantly warm so I even managed to drift off to sleep for a little while. Later, I received a support request from Inter Sport in Haywards-Heath as they were having problems with a POS scanner and their label printer. I connected to their till and got the scanner working leaving the printer until after hours as it would tie up their till for too long.

I delivered BB and tea to Ursula who was preparing for the Fika II. Very brave of her to offer High Tea on her last day. Erica and Jannne soon arrived as did a number of cats who entertained everyone. Even Maria was able to take time from her busy schedule to join us for a short while.

We broke up as the day was heading towards the evening. Ursula came with me to help vaccinate the dogs with the regular rabies and other shots then they were fed and the day ground slowly to a halt.

I managed to fall asleep in front of the box not to wake up till after ten when I’d be going to bed anyway. It was somewhat later by the time I actually got into bed.

It was a warm day even though the top temperature was not that high. The unsettled weather is now forecast to begin after the weekend so I need not worry about the tent sides for a couple more days. It should be calm until Monday.


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