A departure from cool and windy, it was calm and warm but still quite dark although the stars were very pretty. I was wearing a thin fleece and T-Shirt so it must have been warm!

A few very distant lightning flashes accompanied us as we strode up Alonáki and back. It’s now so dark I cannot see the dogs unless they’ve very close by. I had to summon Isabella and Skinny as they’d gone racing off right at the start. It turned out they were nosing around some of the vans which had appeared recently. There was even a caravan too but only one motorhome in the beach car park.

It was getting light as we walked back across the field and into the camping. I fiddled with my mind before riding off over Panorama and up to the top of the mountain. It wasn’t windy so it was an easy run there and back. I stopped off at Petrakis for some groceries and then returned to the camping.

I had the DDs to prepare so released and fed the dogs before getting on with that. I then sat down for tea and a rest. Strangely, it was becoming quite warm as it was chilly when I was out on my bike to begin with at least. The sun shone and it warmed up then went rather overcast before resuming with sun and warmth.

The day rumbled by, the DDs didn’t progress much but I found myself in the sea just after four. A bit of a spur of the moment affair but enjoyable nevertheless. There were quite large waves which made getting in and out quite interesting especially as the water had exposed the rocks in places.

I came back to put on the doggy rice and then process the DDs. With two pots I’m able to put on the rice before I process the DDs which is much easier. Before long, I might make up two lots of DDs in one go so long as I have somewhere to store it all as it would fill up my fridge completely.

I put a cabbage in the display fridge in the customer kitchen and discovered the fridge/freezer in the cooking area had been disconnected. I’m hoping it’s still working as we’ll need that during the winter.

It’s been a perfect day with sunshine and warmth but not too much activity on my part. I shall amuse myself with Daniel Craig later.

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