A little more of the same

There was a little rain during the night but it had stopped by getting up time. Our walk was almost uneventful other than Obi went AWOL on his way back from Plakaki. I shall be keeping him nearer to me for a couple of days. Not long after our return to the camping, I heard Georgia’s dogs barking so I guessed Obi was in the camping. A couple of remote prods and he was standing dutifully outside the gate into the camping waiting for me to open it. He scuttled in and was soon in the van with the others.

I meditated then rode off to Paleochora via the top of the mountain. I’d decided it was an unlikely day for a swim so went to the top just to be safe. I popped into Petrakis to buy some large courgettes for the Doggy Dinners and stopped by the deli counter for some olives. The girl serving was madly rushing around serving customers. Looking at the huge tray of black olives, I asked if there were any to which she replied there were none. I said I’d have the ones in the tray anyway. She knows I’m completely stark, staring, raving bonkers so she wished to humour me. She then asked if I wanted 500g as usual and proceeded to serve me nearer 800g. I like olives and they keep for ages so it matters not as far as I’m concerned. I saw Yiannis who showed me the different vegan lines he now has in the deli display fridges and commented that things were slowly changing, even in Greece. He will hopefully get me a dustbin so that I can make myself a composter for my rubbish not that I make that much of it as it’s eaten either by me or the dogs. I’m not going to be able to keep chucking stuff over the fence indefinitely so need to make different arrangements.

My next stop was the post office to collect the long-awaited bike parts in exchange for over €200 in duty and taxes. Brexit was such a good idea! The guy behind the counter commented that it was a lot of money and I could but agree. Still, I paid no UK VAT so shouldn’t complain. It just seems an awful lot when separated from the rest of the purchase.

I rode back to the camping fed the dogs and made the Doggy Dinners for later. It soon started raining so I found myself surrounded by sleeping dogs. Only Charlie and Obi were outside in one of the houses in Charlie’s case as he often prefers his own company. Obi was probably under the decking. The rains was short lived but accounted for nearly 2mm of today’s total of 2.54mm.

The sun came out so I was tempted to get my bike onto the decking to fit the parts as working in the storeroom would be dark and on the damp sand outside, impractical. There was another shower and I ended up chatting to Erica as Janne worked on his accounts. Later, we had tea together and set the world straight.

A pleasant couple from The Netherlands were outside T1 enjoying the sunshine from their decking. I suggested a couple of visits for them as they have another two weeks of their holiday and had planned to move on. Getting people into the camping is one thing but keeping them is another.

Verner left to start his trip back to Austria this morning. I read his electricity meter and wished him well for his journey and family problems when he’s back home. He says he was feeling a lot better in himself but still wishes to get a checkup and some tests as recommended by the local doctor.

The dogs have been reasonably quiet but I’ve been around or nearby much of the day. Isabella, Skinny and Obi were not wearing collars all day but I needed to talk sternly to Isabella as I was taking tea with Janne and Erica. They tell me they plan a walk for tomorrow as it will probably be their last decent day before they leave to go home on Saturday. Their flight is in the evening so they’ll be finishing off their packing up during the day. They’ve already put some of their stuff away as they don’t want to have to do it when it’s wet. Where has the time gone?

The day has been a mixture of sun, overcast sky and some rain showers but it could have been a lot worse.


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