No rain in the night but a little surprise first thing in the morning. I had the overpowering urge to do some laundry to leaped out of bed and wandered over to the washing machine to shove in a load of bedding and other items. I’d forgotten some so went back for them.

No sooner was I back and feeding the cats did it start to rain. The rule is that if it rains whilst out I get wet but don’t deliberately set off in the rain. Despite the gathering excitement within, I made them wait until it had stopped and then we set off.

To spare any unnecessary apprehension, the entire walk was dry and lighter too since we didn’t leave until after six. The weather was definitely still unsettled but I emptied the machine, cleaned and adjusted the washing line and then hung up the washing.

It was past eight when I finally drank my tea and rode off for a visit to the top of the mountain with no other stops before the camping. The weather was still quite threatening but only a few drops fell and the roads were not too wet.

More clouds passed overhead and it looked very likely to rain but surprisingly, much of the washing dried. There was another shower so I brought in the almost dry stuff and left the remainder to it’s fate. The short shower was followed by lots of sunshine which explains the high of 26.5ºC. The temperature was over 30ºC under the awning with one window and the door open. Dogs were strewn everywhere soaking up the warmth and generally relaxing.

I had some support requests from EG and LBS. The LBS one was from Caroline who is on her own as Simon is off with some friends on a [golf] course until the end of the week. Her request sounded quite serious but turned out to be fairly simple to solve. The EG request was a little more demanding which has kept me busy quite a bit of the day.

The weather was too unstable for working on my bike and I had other things to do anyway. Trying not to have too many jobs on the go and stick finishing the others before starting something new.

The afternoon turned out well so the decking is now completely dry as is all of my washing. My bed has been thoroughly deconstructed but I will need to do it again before it’s time for the Winter Bed as that will involve decompressing the duvet which has been in vacuum storage since late Spring. I have lots of stuff in vacuum storage not all of which is correctly sorted as some winter and summer items are together. The plan is to be able to swap everything over when the seasons change so only what is needed is stored in the cupboards. That’s the theory anyway.

Today would have been the Maternal 92nd birthday as it was two years ago today that I was in Lewes for her 90th. She said she didn’t want any more birthdays so, in a way, she got her wish. But I think she still planned to be around. As we all know, you never know when your time will come. She can have an un-birthday instead…

I noticed Georgia’s pickup was parked near to her residence and that her phone had appeared on the network yesterday afternoon. I see that she, Dimitris and Michalis are in the bar together with others but no customers. The next couple of days are likely to be very unsettled with rain for at least two of them. I expect they are planning how much longer the bar and restaurant will remain open.

The sun is slipping down behind the storeroom so the temperature is dropping, partly due to the rain earlier. At least tomorrow late afternoon might be sunny. I shall spring to my feet, take in the last items from the line, close the window and prepare to serve the doggy dinners.

Grey, miserable and rainy start with a couple of showers followed by a gloriously warm afternoon.


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