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According to the forecast, it should have been raining at 06:00 leaving us with only around thirty minutes for our walk. It’s possible to walk briskly to the end of the Promontory and over the rocks and back in that time but it’s hardly a substitute for our usual ninety-minute Early Walk.

Fortunately, the weather was taking no notice of the forecast so we were able to complete an accelerated walk but of the same distance. Indeed, we hung around on Alonáki Beach and ambled at the slowest pace possible through the field so that the dogs should feel they’d received their money’s worth.

The sky was full of rain-filled clouds but it wasn’t actually raining so I decided to go and ride up the mountain. This, I didn’t quite manage to achieve as it started to rain lightly as I approached the top so I did a Conservative Party Smart About Turn and raced back down to the main road back to Grammeno. I could see the rain approaching across the sea and I think it could see me as it soon caught up! I put my bike power level to maximum and pedalled as if the Devil was after me to get back as quickly as possible. But I was somewhat but superficially humid upon my return. I put the bike in the storeroom and changed out of my wet top.

I sat down for a rest, meditated and exercised my brain with a little Elevation. The dogs were eager to come out of the van, to do with food I should imagine.

The morning was a succession of showers and later, sunny intervals. I had plenty to do so kept myself amused. The decking dried off so I brought my bike up so that I could change the motor controller and display for that which I received in Tuesday’s package. It’s a very easy job especially now as I’ve done it once. I then set up the controller parameters as these are particular to the bike. These include tyre size and then a selection of preferences with the way power is delivered and the sensitivity of the assistance. It’s possible to fine-tune the bike by means of the various parameters. I’ve set it up to the defaults suggested by the supplier but can make adjustments in the light of my riding experience. Certainly, even in the short run I made, this controller allows you to get maximum power from the motor as well as providing useful information at the display. One of the annoying features of the stock controller is that the trip distance resets each time the power is turned off. This happens automatically after several minutes so it’s quite annoying if you stop for any length of time as the distance is lost. There is a full manual for me to read so I can amuse myself adjusting the settings when I’m out.

So far, there has been 4.3mm of precipitation, far less that that which was forecast although the readings are for twenty-four hours from 07:00 so there’s still time. There may be rain tonight and more is scheduled for early morning and also tomorrow. There is a convenient window between 06:00 and 08:00 which could be without descending moisture. I might be able to walk the dogs and ride my bike during that time if I’m lucky.

Janne very kindly collected 80kg of cat and Isabella food from Heike this afternoon which will save me having to cart it on my bike for a little while. Unfortunately, he’s not feeling in the peak of health as he’s contracted a nasty case of The Trots. Sound familiar?

A grey and showery morning relieved by prolonged sunny intervals in the afternoon and a sensible high of 26.1ºC. Very convenient as we should have plenty of solar hot water and my batteries are fully charged
The lightning situation as of 19:15


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