I watched a silly film called Spencer Confidential about a Boston cop who served time for beating up his corrupt boss. He comes out of jail intending to leave town and start fresh elsewhere but ends up breaking a drug ring involving senior officers who were his former colleagues. A light and easy film with the feel-good factor at the end.

At around 02:00 we were woken by a loud thunderclap which was swiftly followed by a great deal of lightning, more thunder and torrential rain. I know the rain was torrential as it said so on my phone. The maximum rain rate rose to 110mm/hour at one point and around 40mm fell during an hour. I didn’t bother trying to go to sleep due to the noise of the rain and hail on the roof as well as the lightning flashes and thunder. Interestingly, most services held up although one of the WiFi repeaters went off due to a circuit fault.

We were out at the normal time under a starry sky. It was very humid and the sand was hard underfoot. I was mindful of the fact that the weather was changeable so a good pace was kept up. We encountered a fisherman with several rods out as we walked Alonáki Beach. We didn’t get far as there was a fast-flowing river, too wide to cross, preventing us from making it to Plakaki so we came back by the track in front of the houses and onto the Promontory. We wandered around having completed our usual walk and spent time admiring the beach and also the field.

I considered going straight off for a bike ride but then felt it might be better to wait until it was light so I could see any debris washed into the road. This was a sound choice as there were several locations where stones or mud had been washed into the road making the going more difficult. The mud was on the lower road into Paleochora and the stones once up on the mountain road past Panorama. My descent is usually rapid however today it was more sedate due to the rocks scattered over the carriageway. The guy with the dog was just setting out as I was coming down.

There didn’t seem to be too much desolation in Paleochora so I rode around stopping at Petrakis for several items including some extremely green bananas – I’ve never seen them so green!

Back at the camping, I brought my bike in to give it a wash off as it had collected a great deal of mud as had my legs. The legs have yet to be washed.

I dealt with the dogs then started the Doggy Dinners which spent the bulk of the day in the pot. It’s easier now that I have two pots as the rice was cooking as I processed the mixture.

The day’s highlights, other than the occasional shower, included walking the site with Frank to try to find a suitable location for him to place his caravan and awning once the winter season begins and the bar/restaurant are closed. At least now he knows where the water runs when it rains hard and where not to set himself up. Some of the tent people ended up in the Common Room as they found themselves surrounded by water. I might have told the most obvious ones of the likelihood of flooding rather than have them experience it for themselves at 02:00 and deal with the consequence.

I received a support call from Nick in Seaford as there was in Internet problem leaving him with no phones or EPOS software. We fixed it in around thirty minutes.

Hopefully, tonight will be more peaceful…

Torrential rain in the night with extended sunshine and some heavy showers throughout the day. Saturday is forecast to be a lot less wet with sunshine in the afternoon.
Crete is now more yellow. Some green areas on the mainland have turned yellow and there’s one more red bit. I think we have a way to go especially in the north.


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