More loafing as it is Sunday so it seemed sensible to not go racing around first thing in the darkness. It’s good to be able to walk back from Plakaki in the light.

The lagoon is not so full as yesterday and the sea no longer breaks over the rocks. We passed over the rocks in both directions. There was only one van parked near to the beach but another was actually parked on the beach. Quite how it got there and how it’s going to get off the beach I’m not sure. Otherwise, our walk was without incident or excitement.

I had time to drink some tea and Elevate my brain before setting off on my bike ride up to the top of the mountain. Today, I collected up a large handful of nails which were undoubtedly discarded when the concrete wall next to the road was constructed and probably washed down in the heavy rain. I should imagine the concrete wall and strip is intended to manage rainwater and protect the road from erosion. I’m guessing that the nails were discarded haphazardly, thoughtlessly and inconsiderately when the formwork as dismantled. I collected those that I could find and will dispose of them in the rubbish.

There were plenty of tourists stuffing their faces with breakfast as I rode along the seafront. I think it’s obligatory to disengage your brain when ambling along whilst on holiday taking up as much of the road as possible oblivious to any other road users. The bell on my bike died ages ago and I’ve recently ordered a replacement. Perhaps a laser cannon might have been more appropriate. No repeat offenders then.

I stopped at Petrakis to buy some sunflower kernels as I was certain I’d run out. I picked up some other odd items to make it worthwhile and actually found a spice mill to replace my pepper mill which mills hopelessly inefficiently. I reckon I burn more energy operating the mill than I acquire from eating the meal! It’s also bad for my humour. I now have a new one! There’s nothing like a good grind…

I’d already ground some flax and mixed in some chia which I left in a bowl with water in the fridge. Sadly, I hadn’t thought to take out a frozen block of coconut ‘milk’ to thaw. I fed the dogs and progressed the banana bread after a sit down and cup of tea.

I was interrupted by Ray from Inter Sport as the power in the back office had gone off in the night so the server had shut itself down. He wanted to know how to get it running again and I also needed to make sure everything started up as expected. I used the opportunity to schedule some security updates and do a little housekeeping.

The BB was eventually completed and consigned to the oven to bake or cook, whichever BB does. It has cooled and is now residing in the oven until tomorrow when it will be divided up and put in the fridge.

I would have repotted the geranium but was sidetracked so that will be for another time.

The day was mostly sunny and warm with a few cloudy bits thrown in. I had the ceiling fan on for most of the time as it keeps the flies away as well as provide ventilation. The sea is still quite agitated as I can hear it bashing up Grammeno Beach. It’s less active on the east side as the wind is generally westerly.

The geranium did eventually get repotted and is now in a hanging next to the other plant for encouragement. I can also report that the new spice grinder makes short work of black pepper so I expect my supper to be well peppery. The Doggy Rice didn’t go on until 17:20 and has just recently finished cooking. It now remains for it to depressurise and then the doggies can dine.

A warm start leading to a mostly warm and sunny day

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