It was a peaceful night other than that Isabella was sleeping next to the gate into the van and occasionally inadvertently scraped her paws on the wire mesh covering to the gate. This small movement makes a disproportionate amount of noise as both the gate and the mesh are metal and it resonates. I eventually let her out around five but then got up myself soon after.

Our Early Walk was shrouded in darkness for most of the time as there was significant cloud cover blocking the moonlight. There were the occasional gaps but these were few and far between. Isabella managed to stay with us for the entire time however Obi took himself back to the van on the way back from Plakaki. He was wagging his tail off as we approached and Isabella dashed ahead to make sure it was him. We stopped for a few minutes on the sandy bit at the end of the Promontory so that Isabella and Skinny could let off a little steam. The others watched me perform some physicals jerks.

I performed various brain training activities and then set off for the top of the mountain. I’ve not seen the man with his dog for several days but Kostas’ car was parked up by the road, I heard gunshots and saw a dog. Later, I saw Kostas in town.

The numbers of imbibers in the eating establishments appear to be decreasing and I’m not exactly sure for how much longer the cheap airlines are offering direct flights. Paleochora was not look its best under a grey and dismal sky.

I was a little late getting back to the dogs due to a visit to the office to check out the Internet situation and a natter with some customers who have a far greater recollection of me than I of them. There’s only one of me but many of them. I was alerted to their arrival because they asked Maria where I might be.

I fed the dogs and was sitting in the sun with a cup of tea when Cornelia arrived at the gate into the camping directed by Bona. Cornelia has not been in Greece for two years due to Covid but has returned with a newer camper which she’s had professionally fitted out. It looks very attractive and is much nicer than the previous one which her mechanic advised was no longer suitable for extended journeys. She likes to travel to Norway as well as Greece. We had a good chat, I walked her back to her van which is parked directly opposite the way from the field to the Promontory so she will be able to intercept us on our walks. She has yet to meet Skinny and Isabella. We are going to Houmas for supper this evening.

I had one support call from Simon Lawrence who now feels it’s time to replace his business website. He’s going to give me some information so I can put something together.

I talked to Maria about the Internet connection problem and asked if she had further updates from her fiend in high places. She said she’d contact him but I’ve heard nothing back from her. This is the third day without broadband Internet so it’s beginning to get monotonous. I have Internet access via my phone but I have to pay for that now that the telecoms companies are focussed on reinstating roaming charges from January 2022. O2 are aware that I’ve been out of the UK for longer than the allowed fair usage roaming period so charge me for everything, in addition to my monthly subscription.

The bar and restaurant are now closed so the packing up continues. How long Dimitris and Anna will remain at the camping I know not. I have to leap into the shower before all the hot water is consumed.

What remained of the day eluded me and has continued with a succession of sunny intervals and the occasional very light shower. For the next few days it’s going to be a mixture of sun, cloud, rain and thunderstorms. Par for the course considering the time of the year.


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