We are connected!

Quite warm for the Early Walk which was with all present and correct for a change. Only Charlie was at the tail-end as usual but finally made it through the gate back into the compound.

I reorganised my brain then went up the mountain just for a change. There didn’t seem to be a ferry at the port today but the end of the season approaches.

There was no hanging around and chatting so I let the dogs out and fed them before getting some tea for myself. Tomorrow, I’ll need to make some Doggy Dinners but I have the ingredients. This will probably be the last Sunday the supermarkets are open as they will move to winter hours after Όχι Day on 28th. I will need to remember the day of the week after that.

I had a number of visitors including Bona about the cameras at their home. I’ve suggested I go to their place to sort them out.

A delivery of cat boxes ensued so we’re ready to collect up the six young which were born in March. They will be collected by one of the PAWS helpers tomorrow.

Later, it was the turn of Litsa to require assistance with her CCTV camera. She took some persuading that the fault was in the app on her phone as the camera was working just fine on my phone and through the camping’s system. We got there in the end…

I was trying to tidy up some stuff but was again distracted by the expiry of the SSL certificate on Inter Sport’s server. The wheels start to fall off once the certificate expires and there are error messages. I bought a replacement certificate for five years to only have to reactivate it on a yearly basis. What exactly reactivation entails, I shall discover in around twelve months.

The day has been measurably warm now that the Internet connection has been restored. There is no data from early on for obvious reasons.

It’s not hard to see what time the fault was repaired.
More green bits but still plenty of red in the north


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