Super busy

The mousetrap was relocated yesterday evening having been ignored for some while. During the night, the mouse kindly consented to going into it and then not even eating the chocolate kindly donated by me.

I knew the day would be busy so I tried to get the Early Walk out of the way as quickly as possible. My first task was to transport the mouse to the end of The Promontory and release it. Things were going well until the location I chose to release it had a hole nearby. I thought that a high rock would enable the mouse to avoid getting eaten by the dogs. I removed the end of the trap and it and the mouse fell through the nearby hole to the ground below where the dogs were waiting. Fortunately, the mouse made good its escape whilst I distracted the dogs with some biscuits. Unfortunately, the lid of the container was not fastened so all of the biscuits were scattered in the sand. This definitely distracted the dogs.

We continued apace and completed our walk under a clear, starry sky. This time next week the clocks will go back so we’ll effectively be going out an hour later so it will be lighter. For a few weeks anyway.

I put the dogs into the van and completed my Elevate workout before riding off into the darkness to climb the mountain and complete my morning cycling workout.

My next mission was to capture six cats for the vets as they would be picked up later by someone from PAWS. Initially, I wasn’t doing much business but eventually managed to beguile five of them into the cat boxes by fair means or foul. I’ve mislaid the door to one of the boxes so needed to be creative. I took a large wire hanging basket, the type used in coffin (or do I mean chest) freezers. I placed moggy inside and cable-tied a plastic vegetable tray to the top to prevent the moggy from escaping.

Some of the cats were unhappy about being incarcerated so tried their best to escape. A male, who looks like the junior of George, tried ever so hard to get out but they were all quiet by the time the guy from PAWS came to collect them. Apparently, he’d gone all the way out to Krios to collect four but ended up with three. I managed five of the six. I’m not sure that Nr Six is even around as the younger cats spent most of their time by the kitchen and bar. They will learn that I’m a better bet once the kitchen and bar pack up completely. Some of the campers kindly tried to round up the cats and Manolis tried to capture Moustache who wasn’t having any of it. He didn’t quite understand that those with a notch in the left ear have already been done. He paid with a scratched hand.

I was happy when the cats were safely on their way as I still had the Exchange Server in Lewes, Bona’s camera and the Doggy Dinners to prepare and it was already eleven.

I went to the bar where all of the family were present. The boys were playing football in the beach. Last time I looked at the cameras, they were all the same make and model. For whatever reason, they have now bought three different cameras which use three different apps to work. It took long enough just to try to set up the accounts so I gave up and suggested they give all the cameras to me so that I can find a way to put them altogether on a single app.

I went back to the dogs and continued with the server certificate installation which, for whatever reason, hadn’t worked out as expected the day before. The trouble is, I only install a certificate every couple of years so I forget how to do it makes the job more complicated. In the middle of this, Cornelia appeared in the field which naturally caused the dogs to bark. I told her I was too busy and so she disappeared.

I eventually sorted the SSL certificate and then got the Doggy Dinners into the pot, as time was passing rapidly. I had some tea and then sat down to recuperate. I fell asleep in the sun which was a very good thing.

By the time I woke up, the DDs were cooked so I could process them after putting the Doggy Rice in the pot as it was now approaching five! The rice is now cooked and merely waiting to depressurise, the DDs are processed and cooling so we’re good to go.

It has been very sunny and warm with a top temperature of 26.3ºC. However, the next eight days forecast rain or thunderstorms with a more than 50% probability. Particularly Tuesday, Thursday and Friday. Unfortunately, Thursday is the Όχι Day Holiday. It is also the doggy birthdays for Charlie, Oskar, Millie, Minnie, Heidi, Malloy and one other. Not forgetting the other Minnie who was also born on the same day!


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