Hello Finland!

My day had further complications: Maria telephoned me just as I was feeding the dogs to ask me about a telephone matter for Dina, who worked here in the past. It transpired that Dina’s father had died and that someone had appropriated his mobile phone and was using it in Germany, she thought. I suggested that it would be a lot of effort to track it down although technically possible.

Later, I received a further call from Maria to tell me that Sigi was coming down with the cats. I came out and we unloaded the cats together as Sigi was late for an appointment. There was one cat which hadn’t recovered from the anaesthetic so I left it in a box with the door unlocked. My day was finally now over.

We watched a little more TV and then I retired to my boudoir. Earlier, there had been a little misunderstanding between Luis and Oskar which turned into a general free for all. I ended up hurling dogs around on the decking to rescue poor Luis at the bottom. He now has a sore rear leg and is hobbling a little.

The day started windy and cool from a northerly wind. The walk was under a gloomy sky but it didn’t rain. There were no excitements other than I had to rescue Luis who found himself marooned on the rocks as his poor sore leg was hurting so much. I transported his fat little body to even ground so that he could make the remainder of the journey under his own power.

I meditated and then went only up Panorama and over with a stop in Petrakis for some essential supplies as I needed to make some more banana bread. I took the opportunity to get in the food for the doggy dinners too. I didn’t waste too much time going back to the camping as there was a following wind.

I fed dog, made tea and sat down for a while. The banana bread come later but is now cooked and cooling. There are also a lot of chestnuts to eat as I put them in after the banana bread.

A familiar voice called over the fence to announce the arrival of Kirsti, Jorma and Siiri. They arrived in Crete a while ago and had been to see friends in Agios Nikolaios. They left this morning and have driven from there to Grammeno.

The weather has been windy, chilly and cloudy all day with some almost imperceptible shows of only a few drops. There will be more of the same for the next few days. Generally more wintery than summery

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