True Grit

Poor Luis was struggling a little in the evening. I tempted him with some food but he didn’t eat much. He started making a fuss when all the others were inside and he remained outside. Incidentally, I was watching All Creatures Great and Small! Carting Luis inside and plonking him on a blanket improved his humour however there’s still a lot of licking and it’s obvious he’s in pain. He slept the night without a sound so he’s probably on the mend.

The threat of rain didn’t materialise so our walk was dry but very dark. I made it easier for Luis as he was managing to keep up. I took out the two crossings of the rocks as I knew this would be impossible with his gammy rear-left. Despite everything and the fact that he’s usually puffing along even under normal circumstances, he completed the 5km which shows True Grit (good title for a film). I helped him up the stairs when we were back but I notice he’s managed to get in and out of the van on his own.

I performed my morning activities which included a ride up Panorama but not right to the top as it was so windy. My aim was just to complete the workout as quickly as possible and to return to the camping. The wind made life difficult.

I’d not been back long when the power went off which I discovered was for planned maintenance from 09:00-15:00. It might have been a good plan to tell the customers… With no power, there’s no Internet connection which is very annoying. The generator was running but it only serves some circuits not including the office.

I had a chat with Kirsti mostly about things to do with the camping then I went to the bar to recuperate the UPS I’d installed on top of one of the fridges to protect the cameras and WiFi from spikes caused by the fridges switching on and off. The UPS solved the problem. The fridges have now been cleaned and moved ready for collection or put away in the storeroom. There is not much more to do in the bar and I noticed Tony collecting up the tables and benches together with the waste bins. Hopefully, he’s left a few bins and benches scattered around for the winter customers.

I spent the day doing a few small jobs which included replacing the van door which has been off on its summer holidays. I also properly closed the windows and locked them for the winter. The covers have been replaced over the fridge gas vent which I remove during the summer for additional ventilation. Not that there are any gas appliances working in the van and the fridge is a domestic electric one.

It has been generally blowy and grey but dry so far. The sun made an attempt to show its face at one point but I should imagine this made very little difference the the state of the batteries. Only around 1.5kW/h was produced against 2.5kW/h used since midnight. I’ve been wearing boots, a hat and a coat all day as it’s been so chilly. The forecast for tomorrow is rainy: the maximum probability is 80% although the amount of rain is minimal. There is a 70% chance of rain between 05:00-10:00 tomorrow which could be annoying. Today’s rain conveniently passed us by and splashed the waves between here and Libya.

The green bit is probably very wet! The rain my affect more easterly parts of the island.
There were no readings sent to the external websites from 09:00 – 15:00 due to not having an Internet connection although the recorded high at 12:54 was 19.8ºC.
We might notice some distant rumbles later but the storms should pass us by.


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