House Proposal

4.8mm rain fell on Tuesday evening just as I was feeding the dogs. It carried on a while but was not particularly hard. The soil is even more fertile so the little flowers are beginning to pop up all over the camping.

A blustery Early Walk which was particularly dark due to the cloudy sky. At Azzuro only one umbrella remains with three loungers beneath. There are still plenty of chairs out at Ammos Beach Bar but I expect he will collect them up this weekend after the holiday when the clocks change.

It was still annoyingly windy when I rode up to the top of the mountain at Panorama but it was very easy getting back with a following wind. I used a lot of battery power on that run.

I replied to an email from Ingo asking about the weather at the camping for the next few days. They decided to spend the half term break in Crete rather than Vienna.

I had some emails to reply to and made a call to Louise who let me know that she and Pat have been made redundant so will be working short weeks until the end of the year to use up their outstanding holidays. Louise is now looking for something undemanding for the New Year just to bring in a little extra cash. She and Pat have worked for EG for a long time so it will feel a little strange. It’s not really a surprise as they have been expecting to be made redundant for a while.

Maria called me to the office as she wanted to connect the till in the mini market to the Internet so that it would trade information with the government service for VAT purposes. It was left plugged in for quite a while but nothing seemed to happen. I was later told the tills needed to be taken somewhere in Chania to be downloaded.

Georgia told me that she’d been thinking and wondered if I’d be interested in the house at the entrance to the camping. It was never part of the deal for the camping but she felt it might be worth discussing with the landowners. I said I’d certainly be interested but would need to know more. I’ve no idea how long it will be until the land next door to the camping is developed and this would change things dramatically for me. Construction seems to take forever and the idea of living next door to a building site for a couple of years doesn’t excite me. Once the camping landowners give their opinion on the house I’ll think more deeply about the house project. It would be good not to have to trek out to the loo and the shower for one thing.

Ingo, Silvia and Kalliope arrived from Chania and decided to pitch their tent even though I showed them T3 and M6. Kalliope was adamant they should do proper camping and had turned down the hotel which they looked at when they arrived in Paleochora. She amused herself with the cats which came in their droves. The cats have no other guests to play with and they were the only campers until another Austrian arrived. He is from Linz. Later, we went out for a meal at Houmas which was quite busy considering the weather was windy and cold.

A windy and chilly start to the day which was overcast but with a couple of hours of sunshine which produced 4.86kWh of electricity. The battery is still not full but may get there today if we have more sunny spells.

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