Out Again!

Not quite so windy and a warmer walk as well as lighter due to the lights reflected off the cloudy sky. Luis appeared to keep up well and came onto the rocks at the end even though we didn’t cross the rocks at any time. We were back in the camping by 07:10.

I meditated and exercised my brain before setting off for a trip to the top of the mountain. It was a lot less windy and the battery was full, so cruising up the mountain was easier than the previous day. This was also helped by the current settings for the bike motor controller which now finally works in a much better way than before. I think I’ve stumbled upon a combination of settings which yield the correct amount of assistance which appears to vary as the conditions change. When running downhill, there’s virtually no assistance yet plenty when going up. If the wind blows against me when on the flat, the assistance increases! The amount of assistance changes depending on the cadence and the gear selected. I shall endeavour to refine these settings over the next few days.

I held off feeding the cats until Kalliope was awake and functioning. She doled out the food into the bowls and the cats dutifully arrived to eat it. Eventually, Ingo and Silvia appeared too. Ingo later went to Houmas to get some breakfast leaving Kalliope and Silvia to amuse the cats. I went to feed the dogs who’d waited patiently enough.

I spent a little time transferring sheets into the 2012 – 22 Winter spreadsheet and erasing data from the previous year. Maria is still present but not around much. I think she’s looking forward to being liberated on Sunday.

Later, I wandered around the camping and met up with Kalliope who came to find Hopalong and a couple of the others. Ingo had brought a salad from Houmas so they sat down in the sunshine to eat their lunch. The chef had been very generous with the onion which I ate later.

It’s been rather a leisurely day. The sky started very grey and threatening which transformed into sunny spells enough to recharge the battery to over 98%. The forecast for tonight is rainy beginning in the early hours. We may have a wet start tomorrow.

This evening we are going to Paleochora to eat as they will be leaving tomorrow, possibly with a wet tent.


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