Time travel

The last supper with Ingo, Silvia and Kalliope took place at a restaurant just up from the ferry jetty which I hadn’t recalled visiting in the past although the server said he remembered me. Perhaps he was just being polite. There was a limited choice for one who eats on from plants and they adorned my stuffed tomatoes and peppers with a huge dollop of yogurt right in the middle. Without the yogourt it would have been very good. I parked my bike outside in full view of the camera although it was a pity I couldn’t find my bike lock and hadn’t removed one of the batteries which would have made it slightly less attractive.

There were a couple of brief showers in the night but nothing to write home about. I checked the forecast before going out with the dogs and accepted the odds. there were a few raindrops but I could live with that. Luis managed to get over the rocks today without undue struggle as he was only just a little behind everyone else. He’s still not eating his full quota of food but managed to finish off the 80% meal from the night before. We were back in the camping slightly later as we didn’t hurry back after the second crossing of the rocks.

I performed my various cerebral activities then left on my bike to climb up to the top past Panorama where the guy was walking his dog. It wasn’t so windy which was a bonus seeing as the battery was in the last 30%. I stopped at Petrakis for groceries as the cupboard were not bare but struggling. It rained whilst I was shopping but I had a good dry run back to the camping.

Kalliope was up so she came to feed the cats for the final time. I’d fed them a little earlier otherwise there would have been a riot. The cook was in and particularly concerned that the cats should be fed so led the charge up from the kitchen where they’d normally find food. The cats are not stupid and would have found the food easily enough.

I went back with Kalliope to see Ingo and Silvia taking down the tent to hang up to dry. It is nylon so didn’t take long. There was discussion about the weather and they finally headed for Rethymnon. Frank and the Austria guy with the small tent were chatting so I excused myself to go back to prepare the Doggy Dinners and get some breakfast.

It was nearly lunchtime as the morning had all but passed away. Later, Antonis or someone else dropped the ladder at reception as Georgia’s truck was parked in the middle of the road. One of the perks of being the boss is that no one will tell you off to your face for abandoning your vehicle in the road.

Cornelia came to announce that she’d returned from her visit to the north and to ask if she could get a shower. I agreed that this was perfectly permissible. She said she’d like to stay at the camping provided I could find her a WiFi Free/Reduced Zone as she has a particular sensitivity. Apparently, 5G is one of the worst offenders as the frequency is so high. I said that it would be possible to reduce WiFi pollution by turning off some of the access points or reducing their output. She could then try to see if she could find a location where she is comfortable. I think she’d like to be able to use the toilets and have a hot shower as she enjoys swimming but not the cold beach showers afterwards. I heartily agree. I also introduced her to Frank who was in the process of making a cake.

I walked back to her van with her so that she could leave her bag then we went for a stroll up the beach and inspected some of the rental villas. I left her to go back to process the Doggy Dinners, cook some beetroot and then put on the Doggy Rice.

The rice is naturally depressurising and the dogs are waiting quietly.

Time travels backwards to 03:00 at 04:00 Sunday morning. Our Early Walk will be lighter!

Grey and cloudy but the moon did its best. Some light showers which amounted to very little measurable precipitation. The wind calmed as the day progressed.


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