For some unknown reason I was awake around 03:55 so was able to see my watch go from 03:59 back to 03:00 when the hour went back. Should I have been in UK it would have been at 01:59 as EEST is UTC+2.

After my lie-in we were up and out early but later. It was good to be able to see where I was going on the way back from Plakaki for a change. Had it not been for the clouds, I would have seen the sunrise although I knew it was taking place due to the brightness in the sky. Luis seems to have recovered from his indisposition as he was able to keep up with the others and didn’t appear to have any problems over the rocks. He was also keen to eat breakfast too.

We were back around 07:15 whereupon I put the dogs inside and played with my two lots of sourdough starter. These are being grown from some dried started kindly donated by Frank. He told me that one was more active and he’s right. Interestingly, both have come back from the dead quite well so I should be able to resume bread making in the next few days.

The day started off extremely grey and unappetising. There were raindrops whilst I was out on my bike and I was surprised to notice that Petrakis was still open as I rode past. The sky cleared later on and we even had a little sunshine which provided around 3.3kWh of PV electricity during the afternoon.

Maria was planning to leave today however it would appear that her packing up took longer than anticipated so now she expects to leave tomorrow morning. She says she will let me know when she’s finally ready. I understand a man will come to collect the coffee machine from the bar in the afternoon but hopefully Tony will be on hand to assist him if he returns from work on time.

I’ve not really done much today other than wander out with Kirsti and Isabella to the Promontory car park. Kirsti had taken Isabella on her own but soon discovered a large dog roaming around so came back for advice. We went together and chatted to Cornelia for a while before returning to the camping.

A French family in a rented motorhome arrived but were greeted by Maria. They are staying only one night. I saw a Tesla Model 3 leave the camping and I understand the owners are staying at the camping. I’d like to get a look at that before they depart tomorrow.

I said I’d accompany Cornelia for a meal at Grameno Restaurant as she assures me it’s still open and recommended the food. I said I’d come to her van at 18:30 to escort her. I expect the restaurant will close very soon as it’s 1 November tomorrow.

Grey and miserable to start but sunshine later in the day. A few raindrops but certainly not cold.


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