Maria didn’t leave yesterday evening as she still had several tasks to complete so said she’d be going around 09:30 if I was back from my ride. I assured her I would be and went to the reception at the appointed time. She told me that Georgia, amongst others, had asked her to do a few more tasks for them but she’d definitely be ready to leave at 13:00 or was it 12:00. Nevertheless, both times passed and Maria was still here. I’d said that Cornelia could come to use the shower as she wanted to wash her hair but didn’t want to go through the process of asking Maria who’d then ask Georgia etc. Finally, Maria left at around 16:00 but tells me she’ll be back on Thursday. The reality is that I don’t really care and am more interested in knowing when I have to be around when customers arrive.

I was awake at 04:00 for some strange reason but felt it was too early to get up so loafed in bed until it was around five. We enjoyed our Early Walk. Cornelia had a visit from Skinny and Isabella however she didn’t welcome them into her van for some reason. I called them to me and we continued. Another camper van had been parked in the beach car park since the previous day and the occupants decided to emerge as we were walking back to the camping at the end of the walk. It would appear they actually wanted to meet the dogs or Skinny and Isabella at least.

I went for a ride up the mountain which was more enjoyable than recently due to having a lot less wind and then round Paleochora and back to the camping. Unsurprisingly, Maria was nowhere near ready so I went to chat to the guy with the Tesla. He was in the camping four years ago with his girlfriend and a Land Rover. This time he was in the Tesla with a friend called Marcus. Apparently, he works for the ambulance service in Austria. He says he’ll be back in another four years. I released and fed the dogs and had some breakfast.

Kirsti and Jorma went out shopping so I had to unlock the barrier so they could get out as Tony has an obsession for keeping the barrier locked. Interesting as the main barrier is left up and also open. I shall get a spare key for Kirsti and Jorma.

The morning wandered by without much excitement. It was warm and sunny so I opened the window and removed some layers. Cornelia came to ask me if Maria had left so she could shower then we went for a wander up the beach. Maria finally left but Cornelia had showered in the beach shower at ABB.

I was hoping the day had come to an end when an alert informed me of the arrival of a van at reception. A Swiss guy called Mark on his own who is staying for a week before leaving from Kissamos to go back to the Peloponnese.

Monthly weather summary for October 2021
A warm and sunny day which produced 6.8kWh to fill the battery.


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