As it was so light early yesterday, I decided to get up at 04:45 (05:45) this morning. It was dark for the first part of the walk but light by the time we got back to the Promontory the second time. It was much milder so I had only a light fleece although I’ve moved to winter shorts and shirts.

Once back, I ground flax for the banana bread and put the Doggy Dinners into the pot to cook. I still had time for contemplative activities before setting off for a quick ride up the mountain and a visit to Perrakis, the hardware store. There, I purchased a new pair of gloves, a spare key to the back barrier padlock and some metal clips for more permanently attaching cables to overheads. There was not the correct blank for the key however another was modified. Sadly, the key didn’t work despite his best efforts.

I rode back to Grammeno to proceed with the diurnal activities of dogs, cats and customers. They are all equally demanding. Unfortunately, I can’t put a remote collar on the customers if they become annoying.

During the course of the morning I had a couple of visitors as well as a new customer. A German couple in a motorhome who will stay two or three nights before leaving from Iraklion, presumably for the mainland. Later in the day, another motorhome arrived but disappeared before I got the chance to welcome them. A Greek woman with a tent appeared shortly after. She plans to stay for two or three nights and is now installed at the beach front next to the German motorhome.

In between times, I managed to put together some banana bread and process the Doggy Dinners. I’m also a little more organised with the Doggy Rice as it was quite dark by the time a fed them last night due to the hour change.

The day started dark and grey but managed a little sunshine and plenty more warmth by the afternoon. The PV managed 5.54kWh which was good as I had the pot on this morning and the oven this afternoon. I opened the window and removed more garments. It’s cooling off now so I need to shut the window and find my layers.


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