General maintenance

I was awake at 04:30 so I was on my feet and dressing when the alarm sounded at 04:45. The van door was open all night and I put on summer shorts, a T-shirt and a light fleece without a hood. I wasn’t even wearing one of my new hats.

There were plenty of stars as we walked past the motorhome parked in the beach car park. I noticed another one when we passed again later. I think both were from the Czech Republic (CZ). Our walk was uneventful and I spent most of it in thought. I’d filled up the doggy plastic pot of biscuits which pleased the dogs when we stopped at our usual points. There was no one around and we were back at the van around 06:45.

I took a look at the latest sourdough starter to discover both jars were contaminated. I chucked it all away and started again with a different jar. I’ll clean out the larger ones and sterilise them in the Instant Pot before using them again.

There were some IT tasks for Inter Sport so I had time to Elevate my brain and little else before rushing off up mountains on my bike. I stopped at the electrician to buy a couple of waterproof boxes to put the POE transformers for the WiFi access points (AP) in. The polythene bags I wrapped around them twelve months ago were starting to disintegrate so were far from waterproof. Both POE devices are now in neat, waterproof boxes screwed to the poles on which they’re mounted. I moved my ladder up to the reception as I wanted to reposition the camera which looks onto the entrance barrier. It was originally mounted on the end of a wooden pole supporting a roof in front of the mini-market. The roof was extended at the beginning of the summer so the camera’s field of view included an expanse of wooden boards which make up the roof extension. The camera is now on the corner of the roof extension with a better view of the entrance barrier and no roof.

Once all the tools were back in the storeroom, I went for a quick swim before putting on the Doggy Rice. There were plenty of people enjoying the warm afternoon of which a goodly number were or had been in the sea. I was swimming for around twenty-minutes then went for a long, hot shower.

The Doggy Rice is cooked and depressurising. Isabella and Skinny are fooling with one of the blankets on the decking, Luis and Fido are under my chair sleeping. They made a racket when I went off to assist Jorma to find a new water pump for his van so I put collars on them to shut them up. This had the effect of quietening all of the dogs for the entire time I was working out in the camping. The sky is dimming so it’s the end of another wonderful day.

Very sunny and warm with almost no wind.


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