I fell asleep watching the box so retired to my boudoir around ten. I’ll have to finish off that murder tonight but I have a suspicion I know who dunnit. The evening was cooler and so was the night to begin with.

The morning was warm with a clear sky so plenty of stars. The moon is new so is nowhere to be seen in the morning until later in the month. The walk was uneventful other than Obi was to be found back at the van having done a disappearing act. The same motorhomes were in the beach car park and vans on the beach.

I put on the Doggy Dinners before contemplative activities and a trip up the mountain and back through Paleochora. I didn’t see the ferry so presume it’s still in the workshop after its little accident. There are still some customers in a couple of the cafés but things are definitely slowing down.

I released the dogs and fed them before getting something for myself. I had a lot to do so there was no time for sitting around enjoying myself. Today’s goal was to get some more electricity meters for the customers as some use little power so it seems unfair to charge them €4/night when they are using much less. Conversely, they might be using much more which is not covered by the €4! I’d ordered some waterproof boxes from China back in the summer in anticipation and the actual circuit boards I purchased a while ago in one lot for cheapness.

Whoever designed the waterproof boxes didn’t take into account the difficulty wiring the connections to the board with so little space. I thought about it for a while then looked on the Internet. I saw that someone had put the board in the box the other way around which allows the wires to come in through the waterproof glands. It’s necessary to trim the board a little to get it to fit but thereafter, it’s straightforward. The first one took a little while whilst I experimented but the second was less than half the time.

These meters are connected to the WiFi so it’s possible to read them from an app. The number of times I’ve been at the reception then had to walk down the camping to read the meter. It’s possible to share the information with the customers if they’re interested. All customers, except those leaving tomorrow now have a meter and I have one more to make.

The German couple who arrived on Tuesday are leaving from Iraklion tomorrow so have paid up. They say they enjoyed their stay and will come again.

The day has been warm and sunny although it was a little cloudy this morning. 4.69kWh was produced by the PV system and the battery is 94.6% full because I just cooked some Doggy Rice which is depressurising.

I’m told that there will be bonfire celebrations in Lewes tonight so I imagine there will be quite a crowd as it’s Friday.

Maria said she’d come back to the camping on Thursday but there was no sign of her. She said that Georgia would be here today (or Saturday) and there was no apparent visit unless I missed it!

Almost identical weather as yesterday except it was 0.1ºC cooler today although the top temperatures were the same.


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