More meters

The sky was clear and it was warm as we walked down the Promontory. There were plenty of stars for me to look at causing me to trip over occasionally. The walk was uneventful other than a single motorhome in the beach car park and the odd van along Alonáki Beach.

Back at the van, I spent time playing with sourdough starter and then exercising my brain before riding up the mountain and through Paleochora to Petrakis for some groceries. I’ve put on my new bike panniers and adjusted them more or less to my satisfaction. The Ortlieb bags are much better than the ones I paid a similar amount of money for when I purchased the bike. They might have slightly less capacity but have plenty of straps for adjusting and tightening and are easy to get on and off the rack. At present, I put shopping bags into the panniers but I may well abandon the shopping bags and simply put the shopping straight into the panniers at the checkout.

I was about to go into Petrakis when I received a call from the Austrian couple who wanted to do a wash. I said I’d be back in about thirty minutes. I went back to the van to drop off my bike and to get the key then back to the washing machine. Back once more to release and feed the dogs and then I could sit down. I was about to have some tea when I got called by Maria who was at the office. Kirsti had already been to the gate so Isabella decided she’d run the gate and follow me out.

Maria was at the office and Georgia was in the loo. Isabella greeted Maria nicely and was less enthusiastic with Georgia than on their previous encounter when Georgia was nearly knocked off her feet! Maria had some private lessons to prepare and teach so would be in the camping all day. Isabella and I wandered down the camping with Maria to look at some dripping taps and the possibility of having a tap installed next to the chemical toilet disposal location. I discovered that the big leak behind the showers had been repaired. A pity it hadn’t been done six months earlier when I first pointed it out!

Isabella and I went to visit the other customers and she introduced herself to everyone. The Austrian’s wash was completed so we went to pick that up before going back to the van for my breakfast.

Another call from Maria announced the arrival of two Canadian motorcyclists on a very long trip which, so far has taken in the US and South America. They are here to do Europe. I settled them in down at the sea front where they pitched their tent. They paid for two days stay.

I wanted to get on with the other electricity meters so went back to do that. I managed to get one almost finished but received a call from Maria to say that some Germans in a camper had arrived. I put them by the sliding gate and then put on some washing for them.

My next foray into the camping was to instal the now-completed meter for the German couple and take out their wash. They paid for two nights and their machine wash. I had a chat with Frank who was interested in one of the meter boards for his own use. I said he could have one of the WiFi meters to replace the digital one he has at present. He’s interested in monitoring his own energy so it seems fair enough.

I went back to feed the dogs but received yet another call from Maria as a couple of Germans on bicycles had arrived at the gate. By this time it was almost dark so our welcome tour was quite brisk. I put the German couple next to the Canadians on the sea front. They paid for two nights as well.

The dogs finally got their supper and so did I. I decided to watch a silly film with Bruce Willis saving the world (again) but fell asleep so went to bed.

The day was another sunny and warm affair with plenty of people enjoying the sea especially the Austrians who were out with their boards. All customers in vans now have an electricity meter.

Similar temperatures to the day before except the low was 16.4ºC and there was a sudden fog around 09:00 which covered the mountains and the sea. It was burned off by the sun to reveal another sunny, still and warm day.


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