No meters today

The alarm is still going off at 04:45 as the mornings are so clear and daylight is fairly soon upon us. This morning I kept tabs on Charlie as he is developing a habit of wandering off to be found back at the van later. I don’t think he gets up to no good and I suspect he’s fed up with Isabella bothering him occasionally. I could hear Georgia’s dogs barking from the end of the Promontory at 06:20 so immediately sent a message to Maria to that effect suggesting perhaps that Tony put the dogs inside at bedtime and let them out in the morning when he goes off to work. He’s staying at the camping so doesn’t have to travel anywhere. I was thinking particularly of those so close to the house. Maria replied later agreeing it seemed a good idea she’d discuss with Georgia.

There were no vehicles parked in the beach car park nor along Alonáki Beach. The first time in a long while. Otherwise, our walk was unremarkable and we were back at the van before seven. I was able to get the Doggy Dinners into the pot as well as start preparing Banana Bread, meditate and explore my brain. All before riding off to go up the mountain and whiz around Paleochora and back. I met the newest arrival, the nearest to the dogs, as I rode back into the camping. We had a conversation about E bikes and then I went down to his wife who had a paltry amount of laundry for the machine.

Having fed the dogs, I made tea then went down the camping to collect money as there were a couple of departures who had power or washing outstanding. I eventually got to my tea which was somewhat cooler.

Not having any more electricity meters to build, I amused myself with YouTube and caught up with some customer administration. I completed the Banana Bread and put it in the oven then processed the Doggy Dinners. A morning packed with activity. I put the Doggy Rice in the pot for later on a timer.

With not too much afternoon activity apart from a shower and a visit from Kirsti delivering a fist-full of small change ahead of the washing machine load she plans for midday tomorrow. I shall put a load in first thing too.

The sun is disappearing behind the storeroom so the temperature is dropping and the light is dimming. The rice will soon be ready but I need to fill up Isabella’s food containers or she will have nothing for this evening!

Not as warm as yesterday but a fine day nevertheless.

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