Remembrance Day

I wasn’t warm initially in bed last night. I have a feeling the duvet season may be approaching. Later on, I woke up and felt as warm as the proverbial. Dawn took a while as there were clouds to the east. Charlie flashed his way around the walk so I was able to keep tabs on him. He might have realised that it’s more difficult for him to merge into the darkness when he has a flashing band around his neck. One motorhome was parked in the beach car park otherwise nothing to report.

I had little food for the dogs so was unable to get underway with the DDs until after a visit to Petrakis. This took place at the end of my ride which was chilly and blustery to say the least. Nevertheless, I made it to the top of the mountain and around Paleochora. Still no sign of the ferry so it may still be being repaired. Petrakis was not too busy so I was on my way back quite soon.

I’d not had time to feed the dogs before being called down as one of the punters wished to leave. They have been here a ‘couple of nights’ which equated to one week. They’ve yet to tour the island but say they may return later to stay for longer. They have a VW camper so they might decide to rent an apartment as they could find it fairly claustrophobic during poor weather. They paid, including their electricity bill of €0.71 for the entirety of their stay. Their meter was passed to the German couple who arrived yesterday evening and had yet to hook-up. Only the recently arrived Romanians don’t have a meter but have their own internal meter anyway.

I fed the dogs and then myself but had not been sitting long when I was called out as another couple were looking for a sunnier spot for their van. I suggested a couple of possibilities and left them to it. Meanwhile another van entered the camping. A Scottish chap who’d visited a couple of years back. He has a café near Oban and was telling me of his experiences during CoVID. He only wished to empty his loo as they’d rented rooms in Paleochora. He commented that there are more eating opportunities than on previous visits and rooms were not that easy to come by.

Not long after, Maria appeared at the gate with loads of cat food which she and Georgia unpacked from her pickup. There are a couple of trays of tins which I don’t like a lot as they’re messy and require effort especially at 05:00. I’ve taken to feeding the cats in the morning before walking the dogs to avoid friction. The pussies have the hang of it and are waiting with their knives and forks. I put a little more down later for others who might have missed out.

Georgia asked me to scan some more documents destined for the embassy. I think they are for immigration purposes. They were double-sided so difficult to scan automatically. One was twenty pages long! I left them to it in the office and sloped off to put on the Doggy Rice and process the DDs.

The dogs raced to the eastern gateway as a man had infiltrated the field presumably in search of the pieces of expanded foam insulation and swathe of plastic sheeting which had blown away in the night. I collected up the insulation when I walked through this morning as I felt it might come in handy so left only the blue plastic sheets draped in the bushes. Finders keepers…

There have been no arrivals today only an enquiry who threatens to arrive on Monday.

The chilly strong wind moderated to become a chilly moderate wind. There was sufficient sunshine to generate 4.57kW of electricity. The battery is 93.5% charged which is perfect. The pot has plopped and the dogs are eager for their dins which I can server before darkness descends.

A lot chillier than of recent times. There is the prediction of more unstable weather after the weekend with 80% possibility of rain predicted at this time.


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